Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week of Birthdays!!


Querida Familía!!
So this week is not transfers but next week is. I can’t decide if I’m excited or nervous...vamos ver! but this week was great for the most part. We ate in the members’ houses quite a bit and that was stellar!!
 We helped a member in our ward move salons. It was super fun! The Elders helped and we had lunch afterwards! Super awesome and then that night we helped the ward proselitize some more.
On Quarta was Sister Andrade´s birthday!! The whole day was such a blast!! It was also a very interesting day...First off. I LOVE SUSHI!!!!! Sushi here is soooo good!!!! It’s fresh and everything!! So we ate sushi with a few members in our ward and after ate some pastries that are always good!! So we entered a store to buy paper and I left my wallet there and later I realized it was gone...so we searched for about 20 minutes and found it. And then Sister Andrade lost her camera...So we searched for her camera for a little bit, and then that night the Elders were a little upset with us. But literally it was the funniest day because we just laughed and had a great time! If it was any other day pretty sure Sister Andrade would have been super annoyed haha but luckily it was her birthday!! 
Quinta during our studies we had an old investigator call us and wanted to talk to us. He had a baptismal date but then he disappeared. He called and said that he talked with Jehovah’s witnesses and they told him our church was false. It’s a miracle that we’re in contact with him again!! And then that day on the road we found a family that had already received some of the lessons. The mom has a problem with Sunday. She says that the bible doesn’t say that we should worship on Sunday but on Saturday. So we talked about it and we have a date to go back! And that night we visited another family that we haven’t been able to see for a while and they were actually in their house!! Such a miracle! Elisabet´s mom is in the hospital so she is always there but that day she was in her house! We talked and we’re going to try to visit more often now. 
This weekend we had Stake Conference and it was so great! President called us and asked that we ask one of our recent converts to bare her testimony. She did so well! President was really happy! I got to see Sister Marinho (Day) again and met the stake president and a lot of other people. And then Sunday morning we continued Stake Conference. I was really sad to hear about Elder Perry. It didn’t help that we sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again. I was just crying the whole time because I know who Elder Perry was to our family. He was such an amazing man and I love him so much. The spirit was so strong there and the Portuguese people sing loud and proud whether or not they are on pitch. Loved it!! 
So right now Sister Andrade is having braids put in her hair again. She loves you so very much! Thank you mom for the letters and the magnets! They’re on our fridge. 
 I love you all so very much!! I pray for you all everyday and know that the Lord will bless our family with whatever we are in need of. I love my Savior so much. 

The church is true and the book is blue!!
Sister Hillam

Our district in President's board!





Feliz Aniversário Sister Andrade!

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