Monday, June 8, 2015

Adventure is out there... in the PORTO MISSION!

Dearest Family!
So this week was nuts!!!! Last P-day Sister Andrade and I sat in the Chapel for a long time so that she could re-due her hair and I sat and watched the whole thing. It was awesome! Ha-ha
We got a call during District Meeting from Sister Fluckiger that we would visit the hospital on Tuesday for Sister Andrade´s stomach. So we went there and got a paper so she could schedule an appointment.
Wednesday we went in for the scheduled appointment for Sister Andrade and waited in the hospital for a while.
One of our recent converts has been having the hardest time with the decision to stay in Matosinhos or move and when we visited her, we read from the scriptures. What was so cool was right before we prayed and all of our books were closed. But before we prayed I found a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 58:3-4. After the prayer she opened up to a random scripture and guess which one she opened up to?? D&C 58:3-4. It was such a testimony to me. She started to cry and I was tearing up as well. No one knew why but I knew why. Man this gospel rocks!!! 
Also, we met with another one of our investigators on the road that we had lost! Delfina doesn’t have a phone and she’s really hard to track down because she’s this little old lady that’s super cute! So we found her and taught her a little bit and she also came to church. It was such a miracle that she came to church! That same day we had a lesson with out eternigator Elisabet. We had received revelation that our purpose for this lesson was to mark her for baptism for this past Saturday. We called the Elders to give us blessings and to give her a blessing as well. When we got there one of the Elders created a goal for her to stop smoking in 2 months. It was so interesting. I learned that this situation was like Abraham and Isaac. We went with our purpose and went forward with the revelation that we received. I can say that when the spirit tells us something, we need to do it. That was such a testimony to me that the Lord can trust us to follow His promptings. 
All right, so transfers happened!!! I´M IN THE PORTO MISSION FOR SURE!!!!!!!! Sister Andrade is going to Olhao!!!!!!!!! I COULDN´T BELIEVE IT!!!!! She’s going to be finishing the training of my trainer’s trainee!!! Literally this is so crazy!! I met Sister Jarnigan at the bus station today and she’ll be in the Lisbon mission and I also met with Sister Rovig who will be in the Porto mission with me!!!! I could not believe how small this world is! Sister Rovig is actually in my same zone! Oh my companion is Sister Elliott from California! She has 4 months on the mission and I have almost 6. haha she ended her training and now she’s with me in Matosinhos!!! Such a weird transfer!! So that was my crazy week haha I’m so grateful for every single one of you. I love our family so much and pray for you often. I know that the Lord answers our prayers. I know He loves us.
I’m so thankful for the past transfers that I had with Sister Andrade and I look forward to this next transfer with Sister Elliott!! Love you!!!
Sister Hillam

Sister Andrade and me!

My new glasses!


Sister Jarnigan!!!!!

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