Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What Happened to the First Part of June?

Hello Familia!!

So this week was nuts! First off, I can see now that I know the language better than I thought. I started to talk to somebody without even thinking about it. I’m so grateful for this!!! I really saw this week that I grew a lot last transfer. Wow. I could not believe it. Still have more I need to learn! So on Monday when we got back to Matosinhos we actually ran into one of our members Pedro and he gave us like 3 references! It was so awesome! Our members here are incredible and I can’t wait to come home and help the missionaries in our stake/ward! 
Wednesday we met with Elisabete, Andre, Brandão, and Albertina. They’re all investigators and we were able to talk to all of them that day. I can’t wait to see them progress more. They’re all really new to the gospel so we’re helping them progress. I love the spirit so much and the power that we have to testify of the truth. They were all really receptive to the spirit and to our message. I can’t wait to acompanhar with them!!! Also we visited one of the families in our ward and they made us this cheese bread but not just any cheese bread. They took out the middle and mixed cheese with mayonnaise some spices and then they put that in the bread. Let it bake for a little bit and then we ate this soup of cheese and bread. It was amazing! 

Thursday we had zone conference and guess who’s in my zone...SISTER ROVIG!!! WOOT WOOT!! It was sooo fun!!!! I love being surrounded by missionaries and the spirit that they all bring. Literally I could have stayed and practiced all the lessons with them for a week. We have great things a head for this mission and for our area. I think everyone in our zone thinks that we’re going to struggle in our area because we have a 3rd transfer and a 4th transfer missionary in the same area, but oh are they wrong! I love Sister Elliott so much. She wants to work so hard and this is exactly what I wanted!!! Oh my goodness it feels so good to put every ounce of energy on the streets and come home exhausted! After zone conference we had lots of ideas of how we can help our area and help our dupla grow more.

So Friday we got a call from one of our past investigators and she wanted to talk to us! We were supposed to be doing weekly planning but she could only see us during weekly planning. The spirit was soooooo strong during that lesson!!!! Oh my goodness. She would have accept every invite that we gave her but then I thought, `wait, we can’t invite her to do everything right steps sister hillam, baby steps...`man I just wanted to baptize her right then and there! she’s now a progressing investigator!! It was amazing! The Elders also called us that morning and said that we were going to have a competition to see who could get the most contacts. We tied with 45 each dupla! It was awesome! We also had a family tell us that Sister Elliott is 24 with lots of wisdom and that I’m a little bit less mature...that’s the first time I’ve ever gotten that before...ha-ha

On Saturday Pedro (member) called us and planned for us to teach the references. We ended up teaching 3 of his friends Carla, Daniela, and Flavio. We taught the 2nd lesson because Carla’s dad passed away and during the lesson Carla started crying and Flavio wanted to know more about after this life. The Lord is pouring his blessing on us. He is literally putting His children into our hands to help. I love this calling so much. (You know, it’s the only calling that you actually sign that is your calling?) 

On Sunday we had Elder Moreira come for a conference. WOW. I took 3 pages of notes and I can’t even begin to tell you what the spirit was saying. He basically started out by saying that he had no notes and nothing with him but the spirit and the scriptures and he opened it up for questions. The first thing that he talked about was leaving your comfort zone. Leave the boat and have faith to walk on the water. He said to be submissive and obedient to the will of the Lord. Only through experiences and the attitude with those experiences are we going to grow and be everything we can become. He was a mission president in São Paulo and he talked a lot about missionaries. He said that the worst thing is when missionaries come into the field with low self-esteem. Because if they aren’t comfortable with themselves, how can they be comfortable with others? We have to beat ourselves because it’s only then can we humble ourselves and submit our will to the Lord. This life is not easy but as soon as we do it the Lord way, everything falls into place. There are no Coincidences!!!!!! 

I celebrate 6 months on the mission in 2 days. I can’t believe it. It’s going by so fast. This time next year I’ll be home. I love the mission. Fetch I have no idea what people say but I laugh all the time and the people that do want to listen are so elect. I can’t believe it. It’s just incredible! I love you all soooo much!!!!! 

Sister Hillam

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