Monday, June 29, 2015

Divisions, A Baptism, and 17 Member Present Lessons.... I'm a Little Tired!

Olá Família!
First off........HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVA!!!!!!!!! I’m really glad that everything worked out for the family this week and everything went smooth! It seems like yesterday that I was hearing that this whole move was going to happen but really it was 5 months ago...anyway...weird!
WHAT A WEEK!!!!! WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! Literally so busy and I’m exhausted! 
We had divisions this week, which was sooo fun! Sister Schill and Sister Jones are the tallest sisters! So I felt right at home with them! Walking down the street was awesome! I got some of the weirdest looks, but I’m pretty sure that if we invited them to be baptized they’d say yes just out of fear. Literally, we showed Christ loud and proud that day! It felt so good! We saw lots of miracles happen on that day. While Sister Jones and I were meeting with our appointments, Sister Elliott and Sister Schill had marked a person for baptism and talked about baptism with another one of our investigators! And then to end the night we ate ice cream and Pão de Queijo! Couldn’t get better than that! 
Practically everyday this week we met with one of our investigators, Ildo. He had an accident with his motorcycle and was in a coma for 3 months. He’s very lucky to be alive right now. But he went to a doctor in Cuba and they woke up half his body so half of his body is working! He’s going to go back to Cuba to have the other half done too. But we saw him everyday and taught him. He LOVES the Book of Mormon. We read with him and explained about church and baptism. He especially likes the sacrament part of baptism and church. He is one of the most humble people I’ve met, and has the biggest testimony of Faith and Christ. He has a desire to be baptized so we marked him for the 8th of August but he needs to be married. But truly he has found so much happiness from what we’re taught. 
These past 3 days our Sister Training Leaders had a goal for the 5 duplas of sisters to get 31 lessons in 3 days. We made a promise to get 10 lessons with members present and we made our goal the first night at 9:30
We met with Carla (our new recent convert..awww she’s so cute!!!) at her house with our ward mission leader and she bore her testimony and wow. She’s amazing!! She’s going to affect the lives of so many people on her mission. I almost wanted to start crying. I couldn’t believe that I had the opportunity to be the sister to teach her. She had such a strong desire to be a member and to be baptized! Her baptism was nuts though!!!
So on Friday she had her interview with Elder Neighbor and that all went well, but after that, everything just fell apart. Satan really didn’t want to have this baptism. So we started on her baptismal program and saved it so we could print it the next morning before the baptism. So we left and had to track down one of the members that would give a talk. We ended up not being able to find him but then running into the Elders. The Elders said that the printer didn’t have ink and that we needed to turn on the baptismal font the night before seeing as how the baptism was in the morning. There would be no way to have the font ready before her baptism and we couldn’t walk to the chapel and be back in our house before the time we needed to. So we called our ward mission leader and he was going to print it for us but when we got there really really early the next day to turn on the font, our program was gone. Oh and the font had been turned on already. So we had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep the night before. So we quickly got the program sent to Luis. The only 2 people that Carla wanted at her baptism didn’t show up which was sooo sad. She was so upset. (I ended up playing the music too, and the missionaries did a musical hymn number, it was amazing!!!) Then the baptism was done and we waited till the font drained. We went about our day and worked really hard with smiles on our faces because we had a baptism!!! But then bishop called and got after me because he didn’t say the name completely. So we had to redue the baptism. Again there was no way the font would be filled in 2 hours...So we planned for her to be baptized right before church.... Now it’s Sunday. We get there at 8 with the elders and we waited...and waited some more...and the 2 people she wanted at her baptism came!!!!! Then Carla came at 8:30 and then I asked who was doing the baptism and the counselor in the bishopric said that an Elder needed to do the baptism. So they had to run to their house to get their clothes. So the baptism was finally done at 8:47 and church started at 9 and now Carla is a member of the church!!!! Talk about crazy!!!! 
So with divisions, a baptism, and 10 member present lessons in 3 days, I’m a little tired. But Holy Cow was this a great week. I’m so grateful for the things I’ve learned and the help of the Lord. We couldn’t have done it without His help and His hand. I’m so grateful for this gospel and the opportunity that I have to be here. It’s official, I will be in the Porto Mission, and I couldn’t be happier. I love this work so much and am so grateful for Sister Elliott. She’s a hard worker and we’re on the same page almost always. It’s actually really weird how well we get along. We know each other so well and I love it. I hope you all have the happiest 4th of July! Matosinhos will actually be having a party on the 4th and us missionaries will be having a party as well together!! It’ll be amazing!! Love you all so much!!!
Sister Hillam

Sister Elliott and Eu!

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