Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Don't Be Sad that it's Over, Be Happy that it Happened!

This title is how I feel about all my weeks here! They go by so fast that I just have to be happy that they happened. Family, if you could please, pray that these weeks slow down. I can’t believe October is already over. Literally where did the time go?! 
This week was nuts. Literally we planned to do a lot of what we needed to do but it turned out to be full of service for our branch. It was super great!! I realized this week that when we put our whole heart into whatever we are called to do the Lord will literally put people in our paths. This week, basically everyday, we went over to a member’s house to help her put together the Relief Society training meeting. She was so stressed with everything that she had to do. Literally she did everything, she did the packets of information, she made the food, she made the art activity, she gave the presentation, and on top of that, her and her husband are the couple here on the Madeira. She had a lot on her plate. Gra├ža is just amazing and I was so happy to help her pull together the training.  She called us the day of the training and asked us to make the burritos and help her get the room ready. She called us crying, and I felt so bad. Everyday we went over there to help. Through all of this the Lord literally put new people in our path to teach. 
We didn’t have much time for working in our area, but the Lord works with the time that we give. We made all of our goals and the people we met were not coincidences. We bought some ice cream right before we got on a bus and had to shove it in our mouths because we couldn’t get on the bus with them. We ended up meeting one of our investigators and got invited to make Belgium bread! We were pretty excited about that! And right after our meeting there we met this guy who said that the first thing that set us apart from any one else was our willingness to help him. He said that he noticed the difference in us when we said that. I was so grateful that this week we were focused on service that serving others was our top priority. I love it!!! 
So our zone leader, Elder Roberts, went to Porto this week to do his residency and come to find out, he had to leave. Man I was so sad. President told my companion, the zone leaders, and me that we needed to change Madeira. So the Zone Leaders and us were best friends. We all came to the Island not knowing anything. Madeira is now the Zone leading the mission and right as we are growing and become better, Elder Roberts had to go help Coimbra. Coimbra has 32 missionaries and Madeira has 14. We are doing better than them, and that’s why president took him away. I was so sad. I felt like I came here to be lead by him. So we threw a go away party in which we cooked (Sister Miller and I). He was super sad and we all were really sad to say goodbye. We were all so close. His recent convert was just crying in my arms that night before he left. It’s amazing what one person can do in an area. I’m so grateful that I’m still here!!! We have a solid 4 weeks till transfers and Laura will be baptized in 2 weeks!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!! 
Laura tells all of you that after the mission, ALL of the family will come to Madeira and visit her. She won’t accept just half of the family. So you all better make time to come in like August! She loves you all so much. Oh and THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!! Yes, I did open it early because my birthday isn’t for another 2 weeks and I couldn’t wait. Laura will love the necklace!!! The clothes were great and the FOOD! OH MY GOODNESS!!! POTATOES!!! And MUFFINS!!!! SKITTLES!!! I was in heaven!!!! Oh best part...GARMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really needed some new ones! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!! Thank you so much. It really did mean a lot to get everything. I will now use that box to fill it of things from Madeira, and then I will send it to you all. 
I watched Finding Faith in Christ as a movie night here and I started to cry. Christ is in every part of our lives. He knows us so perfectly. There is so much work to be done and so little time! I love the mission; yes there are days that are tough but I’m so grateful for the things that I’ve learned. I love you all so much! 
Sister Hillam
P.s. Dad, could you send me your talk about the Burying our Weapons of war? I’m about to read about that story here soon and I wanted to read your talk again. Love you dad! 


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