Monday, October 12, 2015

Another week older and wiser too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get lots of hugs and kisses from those kiddos! They are so stinking cute!!!!
Okay. What a week!! They just keep getting faster! Oh by the way transfers happened last night and I stayed in Funchal!! Surprise!! Sister Miller and I are staying together!! YAY!!!! LOVE HER!!!! 
Okay so we had zone conference this week and interviews and oh my goodness President is powerful. I felt a huge weight on my shoulders. He has a really big vision for Madeira. He gave us a new program he calls 100 names and we are to pick 2-3 families and write down as many people that they know that aren’t members. It’s so that it gets the members excited about missionary work! It will work really well here! Sadly president didn’t have time to interview Sister Miller and I so we have to wait till he comes at the end of this week. He felt really bad about it. I would have loved to talk to him because after that conference I was shaking. It was a lot to take in and a lot of pressure for us here. The Zone Leaders expect a lot from Sister Miller and I. We’ll get there. 
Found out this week that Didi (the family that you all have been praying about) left for Porto and won’t be back till December. We were super sad when he called and told us this. We went to see Sofia and she was really sad. We will see what happens with that family. I love them so much!!
We did a lot of service this week. We helped a lady in our ward get a medical paper sent for Sister de Luz this week. She has a lump on her chest. It’s not a good situation. I love playing doctor though!!! Yep...definitely going medical! Anyway we also helped Irmã Graca with her invites to the district relief society training. Love her so much!! We call each other basically everyday because she is a missionary for Funchal and she needs our help. It’s just wonderful to have her and help her in the work!!! 
Okay so this week went by way to fast! Lots of miracles that happen and lots of funny and exciting things happen. Just a few scrambles thoughts going around in my head. I heard Eye of the Tiger on the street and we busted out in singing. Super fun! We accidently knocked on a predio full of nuns...oops! ha-ha we stood there really awkward for probably 5-10 seconds in silence. Super funny. I’m playing for the primary and during the practice, I slaughtered the songs. It was super hard and then I got told I needed to practice a whole lot more. That was really rough. I’m practicing 4 for the primary and 4 for the ward every week. It’s a lot but great opportunity to play! 
We finished teaching Clara Reis. She was excommunicated 6 years ago and a few months ago she said she wanted to come back. We finished teaching her last week and yesterday she was interviewed!! What a great opportunity that we had to teach her! We get to plan her baptism and everything! Super excited for her to come back. I don’t know if Jordan and Crystal know her? She would have had a little girl in their time.
Okay best story for this week. Laura! As always! On Sunday she received a blessing by President Ornelas and afterwards we stopped and talked to her. We had no idea what we were going to talk about, mostly just about the blessing and her thoughts about it. Well it ended up being more than that. She is going to be baptized! I couldn’t tell you or describe the joy that I felt when she marked her day. The joy and love that I felt for her was just overwhelming. We sat and talked about it and then we all knelt down and prayed. She offered the prayer and asked what the Lord’s will was and what day she should be baptized. Well we looked at the calendar and she chose the 7th of November. But what we all didn’t realize was that we all felt the same date. After she said that Sister Miller´s mouth dropped and so did mine. We all felt the same day. The Spirit was so strong and I’m so excited for this next step in her life!!! She talks a lot about the happiness she wants to feel and all I could think was about how much happiness I feel because of the gospel. I love this work so much. I love the opportunity that I have to meet with people like Laura. She’s incredible and I’m so blessed to be here with her. I love this work so much. I know the Lord answers our prayers and that he loves us so much! I love you all so much!!! 
Sister Hillam

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