Monday, October 19, 2015

Ice Cream and Cakey cake!!

Okay wow this week went by SO fast!! We were literally running everyday to get where we needed to go! Every night we had an activity either choir or meetings with the branch or a party. It was nuts! On Tuesday we had choir, Wednesday we met with the district president, choir on Thursday and then we threw a huge party for Laura that was SO FUN!!! We then had the district of Madeira conference on Saturday and Sunday. We also happened to have president here as well. Talk about a full week! 
Tuesday we went to a new area and we happened to walk past this field and we saw goats!! It made me so happy, but then Sister Miller says, `Wow, that’s an ugly animal. ` My jaw dropped! My jaw dropped!!!!! SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER!!! We both just busted up laughing because she’d totally forgotten about the goats! Precious moments! In that time too we met a lady and she said she hadn’t spoken to the missionaries in 8-9 years and talked about a really tall elder and that’s when we made the connection that if could have been Jordan! Talk about a weird family day and lots of family connections to goats and Jordan! So cool! 
On Wednesday one of our members called and said he had a friend that he wanted us to teach well we got there and the first thing he says was that he believes that the Book or Mormon is true and that he believes all the words that are in it...You can imagine how we felt!! ELECT!!!! So we taught him a little and it was just so cool to see the desire that comes when you feel the lack of the gospel. He’s honestly searching. After that lesson the whole rest of the day was late. I have to just love the bus system. Right when you need a bus there isn’t one or it just past. Love it! But really the buses help so much! We teach with a member that helps us with the buses all the time. 
Thursday we did a lot of house keeping. I don’t know if I’ve told you what president has started here but we are to go to the members’ house and make a huge list of all the people that aren’t members and help them be the missionaries. Well after we make the list we need to go thank them for doing the work so we make hearts and put them on their doors with a treat. It was SUPER fun!!! Then we had Choir that night (Did I tell you all that I had a solo in the choir?? Yeah...Soloist right here. But ended up singing with another lady that sang like 2 octaves lower than me...stressed me out!!!)
Friday we had a party for Laura and oh my gosh was it fun!!! We had milkshakes and her cake and we had games and I think over 25 people were there! It was so fun! We sang twice! Funchal 2 made food and we had dessert! Played the game `Do you love your neighbor` we invited her mom but she didn’t want to go. If you all could pray for her mom, that would be great. Her mom doesn’t want anything to do with the church. We need a miracle! But with the party we spent all day prepping for the party! We bought balloons and picked up stuff for the party! Loved every moment!! She was so happy and it was good to see the branch support her so much! I just love her! She ended up singing in the choir with us and so when President came he talked a lot about her and talked to her!
Saturday we had interviews with President and it went really good! I felt a huge weight on my shoulders but it was really good to hear what I need to do to get better. I love the fact that all of us can improve everyday. Okay and the reason why the title for this letter is that we ended up making 6 cakes in 2 days. We made 2 for Laura’s birthday, 2 for a baptism that the Elders had and 2 more for the other Elders that they gave to 2 families. Talk about baking!!! Let’s just say that we were pretty tired this weekend. We also had district conference. Elder Moreira of the seventy came and President Amorim was here and they both talked to Laura!! She sang in the Choir and she’s basically already a member. I LOVE HER!!!!!!! 
I love the mission. I don’t think that I’ve gotten home with any energy at night. The promise that we’ve received that we would walk and not faint is true. I know that the Lord has given me the strength everyday to do what He needs. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here and to serve these people. I feel so good when I can testify and it’s exactly what they need. I love the mission!!!! I never want to come home. I miss you all but this mission is the best. It’s hard all right but every moment is so precious. I can’t believe how fast it’s all gone. We’re on the downhill slope and I hate that idea. I love the mission so much!!! Pray for missionary opportunities, and FEED THE MISSIONARIES!! Love you all!
Sister Hillam
Luis Carlos says hello to Uncle Glenn

Love you!

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