Thursday, November 5, 2015


Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the pictures!!!! It made me cry to hear from you. I wish you could all spend my birthday here with me on the Madeira! It doesn’t even seem real. My birthday shouldn’t be here yet! Time is just flying and it seems like yesterday that I was starting the mission. I only have 7 months and a little left.  There is still so much to do!
It’s November 2nd and November is just going to go by even faster. 
Literally, I felt like every part of me was being stretched this week. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, and just anywhere you could possible imagine. This next week is going to be the same but I can’t be more grateful for these experiences because now I know that I’m capable of handling so much more than I could imagine!! President talked to us about testifying so that they can’t deny our words. Listening to the spirit and testifying is actually very exhausting. But afterwards it feels so good!! 
President has initiated a thing called the Listão (giant list) and we are to go to the member’s house and write down all the people that families know that aren’t members. This week we executed part 2 of the list. We started teaching those people and through the members we taught. It’s an amazing way of teaching with members but this week we had 4 lessons with the members and their non-member friends and they accepted to hear the discussions!!! It was incredible! So we started teaching a guy named Vitor (he’s a cousin to the district presidents wife) and Natalia (cousin to a sister in the branch) we ended up teaching both half the first lesson and the second lesson!! It was incredible and I know the President was inspired to start this list!! President Ventura (District President) actually wrote a letter to President Amorim about it and then we ended up in the week letter to the missionaries! I’m so grateful for the example of the members and being able to work with them!! 
We met a Belgium lady a few weeks ago named Chris and I LOVE HER!! (She reads the blog mom) We went over this past week and made bread with her and it was AWESOME!!! She’s super crafty and makes the cutest things! We watched Elder Holland´s talk `Behold Thy Mother` with her and it was really good. We love going over and talk to her a little bit in English. Flemish is a beautiful language!!! 
 We met with Laura and had a lesson to plan her baptism and get all those arrangements done. President recently made a cool baptismal invite and gave us some and we handed her one and she went silent. We asked her what was up and she just said, `Wow this is real. ` It hit her that she was actually getting baptized. She went on to say that she didn’t want to disappoint her family if she gets baptized and then she said she didn’t want to disappoint us if she didn’t. We asked her how she felt at church and she said she feels different and good so we testified that that was the spirit. So, we decided to fast together for her to know what to do. I would do anything for her. Prior to ending the night before (halloween) we watched Meet the Mormons and it hit on every single thing she talked about.  Everything in the movie was an answer and on top of that every testimony on Sunday was about baptism! I felt her answer for her!! So if you all could pray for her that would be amazing! I know prayers are answered. I also know our family is big so that would mean lots of prayers for Laura! I know Satan is getting to her, and that He’s working really hard on her because she is one of the elect children of our Heavenly Father.  I just want to be there for her every minute of every day. Every week my love for Laura just grows. I love her so much!!! There isn’t a thing that I wouldn’t do for that girl. I know she can feel what I feel because of the spirit. I know this will bring happiness in her life. I will always love her and do what I can to help her. The Lord will bless her. 
I love the work. Yes there are days that I’m REALLY glad they are over but those days always leave when you have that one good day! Feels like you’re on cloud nine. I love the Madeira and couldn’t have asked for a better place to serve. Time goes by faster than I thought, and yes I regret every time I said the time is going by slow and it’ll never end because you get to this point and you can’t stop. I love that I’m called to serve here!! The more I get to know the people the more and more I love these people!! Thank you all again for the letters and pictures! It really meant a lot to still kind of celebrate a birthday with you all. 
Com Amor,
Sister Hillam

P.S. I will try and send picture later!

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