Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life in Funchal

I’m feeling so much better. I still had pain in my stomach this week but not enough to keep me inside. We went out to work and it was good! I finished all the meds last week and now I just need to keep watch on the food. HOW IS WADE DOING??? I’ve been thinking about him all week. 
Transfers will happen this next week so I will find out what happens Sunday night. I’ve been told that stuff is going to change. Elder Da Veiga said that I might be doing something like Sister Training Leader or Training. I really hope not. I’m not ready to take on those responsibilities. But we will find out what the Lord has in store. I really hope to stay on the Madeira but anything could happen. I will let you know next week! The next transfer will be until January 4.

I have no idea where the time goes. This week was just interesting full of ups and downs but when is the mission ever just normal? Normal does not exist! This week the assistants came to do a division with the Zone Leader and President gave them specific instructions to teach with Laura and us.  The spirit was SO strong and she felt it. We couldn’t meet with her after that time except for on Sunday. She told us she had to stop coming to church. She hasn’t been performing well at school and isn’t where she wants to be in relation to that and she’s going to start having training on Sundays. So she came in to say that she’s not going to continue on till after everything is over. She promised she’d come back and then be baptized. We were straight up honest with her and said that life isn’t going to slow down and that she’s only going to have more problems and more life in the future. She was crying the whole time. SHE`S SO CLOSE!!!!!!! We asked her if she’s living all the commandments and she said yes. THE ONLY THING SHE`S MISSING IS BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!! I was crying so hard. I love her so much and I know she will be baptized. She can’t deny it, she’s changed too much and she is so close to the spirit. I wish you could all meet her! 
We’ve been teaching a guy named Juvenal and he hadn’t really been progressing but he’d still read the book of Mormon and say his prayers. He had a baptism date but it fell because he didn’t get up for church. But we went by his house and talked to him about the Doctrine of Christ. Before the lesson we had no idea what we should teach. Well we get there and the Spirit just lead the whole lesson. We read about the Doctrine of Christ and it talks about being baptized and turning into children and humbling yourself. It really touched his heart, he said, `I have faith and I pray everyday. The only think I lack is baptism yeah? ` GOLDEN!!!! Then we asked him what he thought and then he said, I wanted to be baptized on my birthday, December 24th. It’s the only happy thing that I can give to myself.` He marked his own baptism and everything! Then we read a scripture about small and simple things. BABY STEPS!! ha-ha he said exactly that!!! Thank you BOB!! We went the next day and he’d only smoked 4 cigarettes! He’s making progress right now!! We’re excited about him!! 
So we met this other guy named Norberto on the street and ended up seeing him this week! ELECT!!! We started talking to him and he ended up agreeing on a lot of points of the gospel!! He didn’t even know it but he really wants a family because all his life he’s been switched from house to house, and he really wants to be a good person in the world and follow Christ. We taught the first lesson and it went really good! We marked to see him the next day and WOW! We taught the second lesson and wow! He almost marked himself for baptism!!! We explain how Christ was baptized and then he said, `Oh then I need to be baptized again? My baptism wasn’t valid? `  I wanted to die of happiness!!!! The Spirit was so strong! He’s truly an elect! 
The Spirit was key this week. Really if we follow the spirit we will be used as instruments for God. We felt that we needed to call 2 people and 1 was about to go in for surgery and the 2nd was a lady who had an aunt die. It was incredible to see how we were used to help them feel loved. I love the gospel so much. I feel like I’m a new person.
I gave a talk this week and talked about faith. I love faith. There is a reason why it’s the first principle of the gospel. I talked a lot about Peter walking on the water. Do you not think that he had fear before he left the boat? OF COURSE! But he let go of those fears and doubts and left his comfort zone. He walked on water because his eyes were fixed on Christ and he had the faith that he could. It’s when he started focusing on the things around him that he started to doubt. It’s the same with us. If we start focusing on the things of the world and not on Christ we will surely lose our faith. I love the ending though. We can always be saved. We can always grow in the faith. Key principle is keeping our eyes on Christ through our tribulations. I loved the opportunity to give a talk this week!!! I love you all so much and I can’t believe how fast time goes! Love every minute of everyday because you can’t relive the past! Thank you so much for the prayers and letters. I love you and look up to you all so much! 
Sister Hillam

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