Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don't be sad that it's over, be HAppy that it happened!

First off...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I can just imagine how fat ya´ll are going to get because of this week! While you’re all off and eating, I’ll be walking and teaching! I’d rather be here than there though! I guess you can come and join me if you’d like :) I love you all so much! 
I STAYED ON THE MADEIRA!!!!!!!!!!!! haha I know that the title says that but it´s true. I’m no longer just a regular missionary. I’m now the only STL on the Madeira!!! I’m over 4 sisters so I guess I get to go do divisions with the other sisters that live with us! I’m super nervous and excited at the same time. I get to go to mission council all alone with the Zone leaders and take care of the sisters. I’m super scared but I know I can do it. I found out literally about 5 hours ago but we got the call for transfers yesterday and ALL THE SISTERS STAYED!!!!!! I’m pretty excited about that!!
Not going to lie, I hate the week before transfers because all I want to do it know what is going on for transfers!! But it was a good week! We met this guy named Helder and he’s very interesting. He doesn’t really believe in God but he believes in a place where spirits live. So we taught him the second lesson and it went really good! We taught and you could see him his eyes and even in his countenance that he was thinking about it and that it made sense. He started out with his arms crossed really hard and joking with us and by the end he really was curious about the life after this one. We left him thinking about the message and by the end his shoulders had relaxed and he was a little looser. THE PLAN MAKES SENSE!! He loves science and so do I so we got to talking and man I love teaching the gospel through science! haha the lessons went really good! 
One morning, everything was just going all wrong. Everything just fell apart and I have such a huge testimony of trials and blessings! This transfer is just full of them!! Anyway we had a really rough morning and then after lunch we just found so many elect people. There was this one street that we wanted to go down for like 2 weeks but we always had lessons on another road so we never could spend some decent time but we had a whole afternoon so we took it to find families! WOW! We found so many people open to our message!!! It was incredible! This week was just full of those times. But every time we were blessed to find people to teach! 
We’ve been teaching a guy named Vitor who is cousins with the district president and we gave him a chapter to read in the BOM and he read it and at our last lesson he asked for another chapter!!! He’s too chill with life, he says that if it makes you happy you should do it. This time we asked him if he knew the church was true what difference would it make? And he said, It would make all the difference in the world.` So now he’s progressing a lot more than we thought but it will still be a slow process because his family is key in the process!! In the same day we went to see Sofia and Wilson her son was there! We used the pyramid of cups to explain how the church is built and after that Sofia wanted her son to pay attention. It was incredible! Even the littlest with 3 years loved it! Truly the Spirit!
This week a member of the branch got married!!! I was called an hour before and told that I would be playing the piano for the wedding...YIKES!!! haha so we got there and I ended up not needing to play! But still lead the music. It was strange to see a marriage outside of the temple but also so happy that they wanted to be together! It was small and pink! And then they asked us (Sister Miller and I) to clean all of it up...So we swept and picked up all the petals and put the chairs back. It was super fun and I felt the happiness of getting married but the sorrow of having to clean it up. I guess you can’t have the good without the bad right?? haha Good thing that won’t happen for awhile! 
So On Saturday we talked to Laura for the first time this week because she’s been super busy with school and her play that starts this week. So we got to see her for 30 minutes and I was just crying. I felt for sure that I was leaving! So we talked to her and President specifically told us to try and mark her before the end of the year but that didn’t happen. We ended up talking about transfers and I got all choked up. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! But sadly she had to catch the bus to go and Sister Miller and I just sat and cried it was so sad. We tried to see her on Sunday but because of her theatre schedule we couldn’t see her. We were close to her house on Sunday and the biggest miracle of the transfer happened!!!! This whole transfer I have been praying to meet with her mom and just talk to her. We were really sad on Sunday because we thought for sure that one of us would leave. So I gave her the necklace that you sent mom and while we were there all the dogs were going nuts and her mom came out!!!!! WE TALKED TO HER FOR 35 MINUTES IN HER HOUSE!!!!!!!!! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!! All of the prayers and fasts that the zone, the district, you all, and we’ve done were answered in those 35 minutes with her mom Regina. 
I know the Lord answers our prayers. He answers them in His time and we need to have faith in his timing. I’ve learned to have patience in His timing because usually it’s not when we want but when he wants. I love the gospel so much and I’m so thankful for the Spirit that leads and guides us as we teach and contact. I feel so blessed to be here on the island during Christmas and I feel like I’m too blessed during the mission. I gave a talk on faith and every week I just remember that without faith God can’t work miracles. It’s so true. He knows every single one of us individually. I love you all so much!!!!! Have a great week!!!!
Sister Hillam

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