Saturday, September 19, 2015

WO-OH Livin' on a Prayer

All right...just a few quotes for this week...`BOOKS of Mormon, ` `Love makes the world go round` `No Shame` and `Nunca mais. `  
So on Tuesday we did A TON of contacting, and house contacts as well. ha-ha one house we contacted we asked if José was there and obviously not everyone is named José but a good part are. Well we got to talking about the gospel and what this guy believed and all he said was, I believe in Love.` well we all know that love makes the world go round but that it all starts with cheese. After that contact, I just busted up laughing. The joy that comes when your mind mixes cedar badge and the mission together! It was super funny! He said we could go back so that was nice! We ate at Irmã Regina´s house this week and it was great!!! She is so kind and always calls us beautiful. The ladies in the branch just love us so much! They haven’t had sisters for a little bit so every week the ladies just want to talk to us! Irmã Amelia loves us to death and loves talking to us! I just love our branch!!! Oh and Aceção is alive! But she’s super sick! I just remembered all the storied that Jordan use to tell us about that lady. Someday I want to go meet her! Still don’t know very many people but we’re getting a list today! So many legacies are here and I love hearing all the stories.
This week was actually one of the hardest on the mission. I felt really overwhelmed with everything. It was so hard. I give every moment every thought to the work. I usually never even have time to write in my journal and at sometimes to eat. It’s always really fast and I’m back to looking at the area book or getting familiar with everything. I don’t want to sound like a complainer but it was super hard. I remember sitting is Regina´s house and talking about a scripture and all the sudden the topic switched to patience and in the very moment, I just felt an overwhelming sense of love. All week I’d needed to feel that and at that very moment I felt what I needed. After that I just felt the work just got so much easier! We saw so many miracles. We passed by this old couples house that we’d knocked on a few days earlier and they let us into the house and right as I walked in, I saw the stitched picture of the girl dressed in red sitting on a chair. I remembered this picture from grandma’s house!  I am so blessed. That time we had with them was perfect. She needed us (he has Alzheimer’s) and I needed them. It was incredible!! 
Dad, I met a couple that can be us!!! He’s from the Netherlands and she’s from Portugal!! They were super cool!! They both speak Portuguese and Dutch. Again the Lord just blessed me so much this week. Everything was just a blessing!! 
Our president challenged us to do something bold this week so we decided to walk around with a gain BOM!! That was so fun! We walked around the center of Funchal and we got some of the weirdest looks and thus our quote for that day was `No Shame` I loved every minute! So fun to talk to people and spread the work about the Book of Mormon! That morning Sister Miller and I re-enacted the Best Two Years. I said Book of Mormons ad she turns to me and says `they aren’t Book of Mormon’s, they’re BOOKS of Mormon. ` Died laughing!
Found out also as we were riding the bus to the top of our area, that I don’t fit on the bus. I sit as far back as I can and my knees are jammed in front of me. ha-ha Tall people problems!! Jordan, I don’t know how you survived...
That family (Sofia, Didi, Wilson, Bernardo, and the little one) is going to find out about there paper tomorrow. Didi just got back from Porto yesterday so we’re hoping and praying that the paper get here soon!! Thank you for your prayers!!!
On Sunday we made brownies to give to all the women in our branch. It was so good to show them that we are there to serve. But what was even better was that a family from Matosinhos came to visit! They were visiting their son who just happens to be the district president! So incredible! They walked in and I couldn’t believe it!! The Lord was just blessing me so much!! I almost started crying. It was so good to see them. 
The Lord knows all. If we just look closely we can see the miracles and blessings everyday. I write them all down when I see them and there is no way to deny that He loves us and He is with us everyday. I love the work!! I’ll be celebrating 9 months on the 17th. Weird...Doesn’t feel like it. Also, we have divisions this week and conference with president next week! These next 2 weeks are going to go by so fast!!! I love you all so much!!! I’m happy to hear that everyone is doing well :) 
Sister Hillam

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