Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another week in PARADISE!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!! I hope its just a great day for you!!!!!!!!!
So Sofia and Didi, that family that I had you all pray for, well I feel emotionally drained. We had an FHE with them after P-day and it was incredible! But then we went over on Thursday and he told us that he was leaving on Sunday to go back to Porto to work. I was so crushed. Literally they were so sad. So they invited us over the next day for lunch. We were all just a wreck. The whole `fake it till you make it` rule applies here. That day was so hard. But then we went over on Friday and while we were there he got a phone call and they said HE WASN`T GOING!!! He had a little more time to stay! The Lord answered prayers!! They were so happy!!!! They then invited us over again for dinner on Sunday and it was a blast! They had family there and they were so happy! The kids were so stinking cute and we played futbol, basketball, and a little bit of volleyball with the kiddos! The parents liked the break for a little bit! So keep them in your prayers! 
This week we also had divisions which are always fun!! That day was nuts! The day before, our phone broke and we thought we’d have to wait till tomorrow for a new phone. The screen was broken, everything else worked, we could call and text but we just couldn’t see to who. So we had to call the office and it was such a blessing that we’d be having divisions. But then we went to change the SIM card and all the numbers were saved to the old phone. It was so annoying. So we had no numbers. But then I was able to save all the numbers to the Sim card doing it all blind. MIRACLE!!! We saved our numbers so we didn’t have to start over!!! Blessings! So blessed everyday!!! Divisions were good! We contacted lots of people, ate garlic bread, and brisa and had Italian ice cream. (don’t be jealous of anything ;)) Let’s just say, it was incredible!! 
P.S. I play the piano at everything. We’ve had 2 baptisms in Funchal 2 and I’ve played and both of them, and at church. Also, I’ll be playing the songs for the primary program! It puts into perspective about my talents and taking every opportunity to develop them. I love the piano more and more every time. Someday I’ll be better! It’s super fun when you don’t know the songs too! ha-ha Love it!! 
We had lots of lunches and dinners with people. Literally, I’m in love with these people. I can’t get over it! I started crying the other day at the thought that some day I’m going to have to leave. We’re starting week 5 of this transfers and it’s gone by WAY too fast. I’m obsessed with these people. I can only imagine how much more the Savior and our Father in Heaven loves us. 
Now to the best part of the week...LAURA!! SHE`S INCREDIBLE!!!! I just love her to death. Literally she’s the best. She’s 16 and she honestly wants to know her purpose here. We’ve been teaching her for about 2 weeks now and everyday she just blows my mind. The spirit has been so strong when we teach her. We’ve had some of the most personal conversations, and I actually felt this week that I knew her before this life. That I already knew that we’d met and we were friends before this life. She really wants to know if God loves her and if He’s there. She’s been reading the Book of Mormon and praying. She’s the most spiritual person and has with real desire. I told stories of my life and we both just broke down in tears. She was sitting by herself while we were at the youth activity and I went and sat by her. She truly was pondering about who she is and what is life. That’s when I told her about my back and about those 3 months. It was so powerful and then we read the footprints in the sand story and then we all just felt the spirit. I want you all to meet her. I can’t even begin to describe her and this process. After the mission we’ll come back and you will all meet her! 
Family, the weeks just keep getting faster and faster! I love the mission. It’s always full of new surprises and miracles that I can’t even believe. LOVE IT!! Thank you all so much for your prayers and love. I love you all so much. I pray for you and the kiddos, and for all of your successes! Love you all so much!!!
Sister Hillam

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