Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Transfer Happened! A New Address For Sister Hillam

So it’s finally happened. After 4 and a half months of Matosinhos, I was transferred. Let me tell you what I’m doing. I’ve opened an area, that is located...FUNCHAL MADEIRA!!!!!! YES I’m on the island!!!!!!! There are 14 of us on the island. 8 of us are new!! I`M ON THE ISLAND!!! I looked in the fridge and there was Brisa so you can imagine what I did!!! My companion is Sister Miller. She is just like Sister Elliott. They came into the mission together! So we have tons to talk about and we get along GREAT!!! I love Sister Miller!! So basically we’ve started from scratch! This area is huge!!! I actually replaced Elder Zwhalen who is from Idaho Falls! So let me tell you. The week leading up to transfers I couldn’t stop thinking about Madeira. For some reason every time I had a free minute to think, Madeira kept coming to my mind. Well I prayed and said, `All right, I want to go to the Madeira, I can’t stop thinking about it and if I went I’d do whatever you wanted. If I don’t go, whatever, I will still do what you want and work my hardest.” Well I still kept thinking about it! We got the call Tuesday and that’s when I knew. I had the biggest feeling that I was going and now I’m here, opening Funchal 1. He took that prayer seriously and now I’m working harder than ever before. There isn’t one moment that goes by that I’m not thinking about the area or people we can contact or of what we need to do. There is no time for Sister Hillam. Even right now I’m thinking of who we’re going to see. My brain never stops. Oh and I happen to live by the restaurant that Wade got the `very nice banana`haha!! I’m having flashbacks to when we were here!! (Jordan: Ricardo says hello! and remembers your back flip off the chapel wall.) It’s all a lot to take in right now. The language isn’t really that different. If anything, I like it more than before!! I LOVE THIS ISLAND!!!! It still hasn’t completely hit me yet. I’m still so awed that I’m here. So our area goes all the way up the mountain and the very top is Monte. Well we went there trying to find this house and we walked ALL THE WAY DOWN. We walked for 2 hours. It was like going straight down face of Table Rock! MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME!!! But by the end, I’m going to have some of the best-toned legs!  I’m very lucky to be here. President told us we needed to turn the Madeira around and make it the biggest baptizing zone in the mission. He told me to bring fire to the island. I’m so humbled to be here. President did lots of white washes and took a lot of missionaries out of areas but I am so grateful to come here. I’m so grateful for our family. The members call us sisters the angels. They haven’t had sisters for a really long time. I met the oldest member on the Madeira and she just loves us!! She bore her testimony about grandpa and me. I just happened to be sitting on the stand when she said that and everyone just looked at me. I’m pretty sure I’m here so that the members can start working with the missionaries. We’ve already had a lot of invites to homes and everything. LOVE THE WORK!! Our family is truly incredible. I’m so grateful to be here. I don’t know how long I will stay but I know it will be for at least 3 months, right before Christmas. But who knows! I want you to know that we will come visit Madeira when we come visit Portugal!!! I love you all so much!!! Pray for my area so that we can find families. We are working really hard to help this branch grow. Thank you all so much for your faith and prayers. We will need them these next few weeks. I love you all so much!!! I love the Savior more and more everyday. He knows me all too perfectly and knows exactly what I’m capable of. I’m not scared or worried at all. He knows I’m going to work hard everyday and do my best to contact people. I’ve already seen Him help us. My language has gotten so much better just in a few days. He is blessing me more than you can imagine. This is not my work, it is His. I love him with my whole heart and I can’t believe how much He’s blessed me. The Church is true, and the book is blue. It’s all worth it and I will give every ounce of energy that I have so that we can find families and find those elects. I love this work so much. LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Sister Hillam
My address is:
Sister Madison Hillam
Rua Casa Branca N 33 Cave A
Funchal Madeira 9000-113


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