Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Late Easter!

Dearest Family!
Wow what a great conference!! So I could only really listen to like 4 talks in English and the rest in Portuguese, but guess what!! I understood all the songs!! WOOT! What a success!! But really, one of the few talks I heard in English was Elder Hollands. Oh how I love him! He’s my favorite and I’m not even afraid to say it! I love his stories and his passion with every talk!! Literally I could listen to him talk for hours and never get bored. I loved Easter. 
We had Zone conference this week and right afterwards divisions! It was quite the day too! It was April Fools day so the Zone leaders got in a fight in front of all the missionaries, and then all of us missionaries left the room and stood outside for 5 minutes. It was super funny!! This month we’re focusing on humility and really baptizing a lot. President wants 30 baptisms every week. It’s crazy! But we have a lot of investigators that we want to baptize here soon! Divisions with Sister Cullimor were exciting. haha we didn’t get back to Olhao till late and the next day there was a strike on the trains, so we had to wait for Sister Bryner to come by bus which took longer. That was pretty exciting! That’s the first time I’ve heard of a strike on trains!
This past week we’ve been trying to work with this Brazilian named Roberto. We actually marked him to be baptized yesterday but he didn’t receive an answer like Joseph Smith. It’s actually really funny his reasoning. But we met with him on Thursday and we had a lesson planned but I didn’t feel like it was the right thing for him so I dropped it. I got out the keys to our apartment and had us all stand. Our chapel has 3 doors before you get inside. So I explained the 3 kingdoms of Heaven. Roberto understood and we explained that to get into the Celestial Kingdom, he needed the keys, one of which is baptism. Literally it was perfect and he understood it great!!! We met him the next day and we marked him for Sunday. We explained the temple and how he can be sealed with his mom and family for eternity. He wants it so bad so we marked him for Sunday and he said he’d pray for an answer. Well we followed up and he wants to have angels give him an answer and what not. He ended up not getting baptized but he’s super awesome and he’ll probably be baptized this month. It’s a work in progress!
We got a call from the assistants about out recent convert. The words weren’t said right in the blessing so we had to redue it. So for a whole day we were stressing to get Alexandre at the Chapel and the president of the branch to be there and also have a time that worked while still having the assistants call us. Literally such a stressful day and we weren’t really sure if it was all going to work out. We prayed for a miracle and the ordinance was performed!! Such a miracle!!! 
One of my investigators got baptized on Sunday! His name is Luis and we found him on the street and taught him 3 lessons before we found out he was in the Elder’s area. But he got baptized on Sunday!!! It was such a good thing for him!! I love him so much! His family is very catholic and is upset that he’s not catholic any more but he has such a strong testimony of the gospel. 
And then we had conference, which was great to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love Christ so much. This mission is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but how can this compare to taking on the world? Christ went through so much for us. I love you all SO MUCH! I’ll be celebrating my 4th month on the mission on the 17th, just incase you were all wondering.
 Love you all! Happy Late Easter
Sister Hillam

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