Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4 Months

Wow! Thank you everyone for writing me this week and telling me all the exciting news! We have transfers this next week so I don't know what will happen but just so you guys know if something happens it'll be hard for me to write.
 So this week was a little interesting...up's and down's and really spinning all the way around...

Last Tuesday we taught Eduardo (who ended up not getting baptized) and he gave us all of his smoking stuff and said he was done! Such a great lesson. We taught about tithing and fasting and he said he would pray about it, but he's taking the steps forward! That night we had our English Class, which is always great to speak English
Wednesday we met with another one of our baptismal marks and found out he's going to need a special interview as well. So he ended up not getting baptized either. But he has a strong testimony about the gospel and believes everything we say. We invited him to our family night that night and he was basically teaching all of us about prayer. Such a solid guy!! He acts like a member but sadly we have to wait to baptize him.
Thursday was interesting...I got called to play the piano for women's conference and guess what songs I had to play...Battle Hymn of the Republic which is extremely difficult, and As Sister In Zion and another song that I've never heard of. That was all a shock for me...I am so grateful for piano lessons. So we went to the chapel to practice while we waited for one of our appointments, which didn't show. I had a little extra time to practice, which was a blessing for me.

Friday...HAPPY 4th MONTH SISTER HILLAM! Yes thank you! I've survived the mission for a solid 4 months now! WOOT! haha Sister Bryner made me some Oreo Ice Cream which was stellar! It was also one of the weirdest days on the mission. We went to our investigators house that we haven't taught in close to a month. He works everyday for 12 hours so it's almost impossible to see him and his girlfriend. We went over on his day off and they showed us how Portuguese people dance, which was amazing!

Saturday we had the women’s conference in Faro that was fun! I got to play only 2 of the 3 songs! Luckily I didn't have to play Battle Hymn of the Republic but I did play these songs in the Portuguese Hymn book, 26 and 200 the other one was 180 I can't remember them exactly. Then during the Branch President motions for me. He wanted all the sisters to sing I'm trying to be like Jesus in Portuguese, which was a little surprising, but really fun! I love music so much! Yesterday we were walking close to the chapel and we ran into Amaricans!! He had served here 13 years ago in 2001 and he was visiting for the week. His dad was with him and he will be a mission president in one of the Provo missions. We got to talk to them for a little bit and it was good to talk to Amaricans again! He knew Nato so we called Nato up and they had a nice reunion with each other and come to find out this guy Elder Hodgman baptized our branch president! Such a small world.

This week was challenging but may I just say that it was worth it. I love the scripture in Alma 26:29-30. That's exactly what happens to us, but it's worth it to see one person's life change. This transfer has not been easy but so worth it. We have tons of investigators that are ready for baptism. This past week has been a trial of my faith. The people that we had for baptism didn't happen but the Lord has a different plan. Doctrine and Covenants 58:4. Tribulation is a refiner of faith. Such a strong testimony of this. Our plans didn't work out, but the Lord's plan is perfect, and He knows everything. I love this work, and I know the language will come. Thank you for the prayers, and everything. I feel your strength. I love you all so much, and pray for your success every day. 

Sister Hillam

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