Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week #5

Ola minha Familia!!

This week was kind of nuts! We went to the temple last week and it was amazing!!
Temple Walk
Last temple walk with the old sisters
Temple Walk: ZL's and Sister Post
The Provo temple is so beautiful and I loved the session. Plus we got to eat in the cafeteria for lunch and it's probably the best meal I've had since being here. I love going to the temple, especially with the missionaries. I have a new and deeper respect for the Elder's in my zone. Tuesday night we had a devotional and Elder Nelson came again! He's so great and we were blessed to have him back again. I sang in the choir "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong. At our practice before, Brother Eggett (our conductor) asked individuals to raise their hands if they were from a different country and speak a different language. The first girl he called on was from Portugal and I did the little snappy thing with my fingers. I was sitting in the front row and he pointed and said, "and she's going to Idaho." I responded that I was from Idaho and he looked at me and said, "Seriously? I'm glad you're not going there then." It was just funny because he was so excited that he guessed where I lived. 

Wednesday we hosted again! Sadly we don't get to host this week. :( I got to help 3 sisters. Sister Coughanour from Oregon going to Japan, Sister Brown from Arizona going to Boise, and Sister Moore from St. Louis going to Salt Lake City. If you ever get the chance, look up the Mormon Message called "Our New Life". Sister Brown was dropped off by her Aunt and Uncle in that Mormon Message. It was amazing!! I see those sisters all the time, and I love talking with them! The only thing that bugs me is that they're here and gone before we leave. It's so annoying! I love getting new missionaries though.
Friday we skyped with a Brazilian. It was awful. We basically sat there and smiled. We nodded a couple of times and then just said yes. She talked for basically 25 of the 30 minutes which was great but we understood nothing.

We have a new MTC presidency! They all speak Portuguese!!!!!  President Burgess is our new president. He served in the Young Men's general presidency as 1st counselor, he and his wife served as mission presidents of the Brazil Belahorezante West Mission. President Bertasso and his wife served as mission presidents in the Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission!! And President and Sister Trost served as the Portugal Lisbon North mission presidents! I'm in love with the presidency!!! They are all great men and women! We got to hear from the women on Sunday for both Relief Society and the new Sister Training meeting for new sisters! They are just great people.

Monday morning bright and early Sister Post left for Manous (however you spell it) Brazil. We've gotten little sleep the past 2 days. She left and we were all so sad. She's a great example. She's been through a lot. She had to leave the MTC because she tore ligaments in her shoulder and had to go home to recover and then she came back 2 days before we got here. Then this morning Sister Overson left for her reassignment to Reno, Nevada. She wanted to get up to say goodbye to her district at 3:30 so we got up. And we've been pretty much awake since then. We're exhausted, but to be able to magnify our calling as STL is fulfilling. We will be blessed for it. 
Sister Post and I...last Sunday
Sister Overson and I.. last Sunday together
Besides Sister Post leaving yesterday, we helped Sister Overson pack. We had her packed and ready to go in about 45 minutes. Awesome!! We were in a trio and let me just say, trios are rough! But it all worked out. We went to bed late and got up super early. We miss her already. Now we're the old district in the zone now. Oh so Elder Wakeham yesterday thought it would be okay to free kick (soccer) a half full bottle of orange juice. Well it smashed against the window in our classroom and exploded! We had orange juice EVERYWHERE!! haha That kid is hilarious. He just looked so dumbfounded! And then a little bit later Elder Hunt put his pen into then fan and then white dust came out of it...pretty sure he busted the fan. We are gryffindor in the zone...I love them! We never seem to have a dull moment. 

The work is coming. I'm loving the MTC. I can tell I already love the language, and I'm starting to think of sentences in Portuguese rather than English. I still get frustrated but I love the work. To be able to testify of Christ and see my teachers eyes start to tear up makes me feel so much better. I can't talk very well but that doesn't matter because the Spirit is the teacher. I'm so blessed everyday. Everyday I see the Lord's hand in our work and the things that we do. I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to serve Him and am humbled by the fact that He's called me. I can't wait to go to Portugal and invite them to come unto Christ. 

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and the support. It means the world to me to know that people pray for the missionaries. You will be blessed for the support that you give. I know this all to be true. I love Jesus Christ and this gospel. 
Sister Hillam

Tall Time!

Music  CD, Great!
Sis. J and I

Captain Moroni

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