Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week #4

Hello Family!

First off, Jordan, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! I know it's 5 days away but I just wanted to say that now :) Thanks family for the Dear Elder's, they truly make my days...CONGRADULATIONS WADE AND KALLIE!!!! New baby girl in the family :) That's just awesome!!! I was bragging about her to basically to everyone in the zone and anyone who could hear me. My family is just the best!!

I don't even know how to describe this week. There is so much that happens everyday and every week.

OH!!! We went to the temple for the first time last week! The Provo temple is gorgeous!! I can't wait to go again today! I've missed the temple a lot but I'm really glad we can go!
Last Wednesday we got to Host for the new missionaries! That was AWESOME! I got to experience the drop off without actually being dropped off. I got the best of 2 goodbyes!
The MTC presidency gets released I think today. We're suppose to have amazing/super important speakers today. It's rumored that President Monson will be here but we aren't for sure. Plus it's being broadcasted to all the MTC's!! I'll be in the choir again!! I'm pumped for that tonight!!!

The week was a much better week than the last one. Everyone in our district is sick except Sister Jarnagin and I. They’ve put out a new rule that we can't shake hands because of the flu. We do elbow bumps haha. I'm stoked to have the Porto Mission back!! We found out from another Sister going to Portugal from her friend who is there. I don't know much more than that. I guess whatever part of Portugal that we happen to be in when the split happens, is where we are going to stay. So who knows which part of the country I'll be in when it happens! SO STOKED THOUGH!!!!

I almost forgot!!!! I saw the Albaugh's!!!! They just got to the MTC yesterday! That was a way cool experience! I read the Albaugh's name tag and I was like,"Hey I know them!" I called out to them and he came and gave me a side hug. And then again later that day at dinner, Sister Albaugh was sitting talking to Kevin on the phone and thrust the phone into my hand so I could talk to him. I got to talk to him, and that was kind of cool!!

The work is rolling on! I have 3 more weeks and then we enter the field. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. I love the gospel and I can't wait to get to Portugal. I'm loving the missionary life and I can feel the Lord blessing me.

Sister Madison Hillam

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