Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pictures from the MTC

Temple walk day

Look how natural we look!

Reminded me of home and our picture!!!

We all connect! We are all linked together with Christ.

We were Gryfindor... I'm Harry and she's Ron

Our ZL's, We're best friends!

Anna is getting baptized!!! Not really...but we were excited!

Merry Christmas from our district!

Best Friends! Doing Portuguese on Computer

Our District in Picture Form!

New ZL's and STL's

Jenny Baird and Brandon Eldridge
Chairman, Vice, Chairman

Sister Post, Sister Overson, Me and Sister Jarnagin! The Old to the New!

From back row to front, left to right:
Sister Savage, Sister Post, Sister Overson, Companion, Me, Sister Young(mad about move), Sister Cahill, Sister Jewel (new), Sister Bradley (new), Sister Adams (new), and Sister Lee (mad about move)

Happy New Years!! Thanks Mom!!

Before I start TALL, pictures of Portugal pop up and I was like, "I've been there!!"

We love being missionaries!

This is the new district in our zone! Minus 3 Girls.

Elder Buhler, Elder Darrington, Elder Wakeham, ElderPenner, Elder Hunter, Elder Platts

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