Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week #3

Dearest Familia,

This week has been like the ride from Animal Kingdom, Everest. It was the highest of highs, and then it started to go backwards and it feels like the Yeti is going to jump down on us. Jordan...G-forces!!!!!

We got 10 new people in our zone!!! 7 Elders and 3 Sisters! They didn't get their visas so they had to come to Provo. We were so excited that they came!!! Love them! Sisters Brady, Jewel, and Adams.

This past week we taught our investigator Devan (in English) about the restoration of the gospel and then later this week we talked to her about prayer and how she will see her mom again. Her mom died 2 years ago, and all growing up she had to take care of her because she'd been in a wheel chair. She's had a rough time with it. So we all cried after the second lesson.

After getting back from Devan's the first time, we taught Anna (Irma De Campos) also about the restoration (it was a restoration kind of night), and the spirit was so strong that we were all in tears. I literally had the hardest time talking after we read Joseph Smith History and His account of the vision. All I could say was I knew it was true, and then the water works started. She told us that we are far superior about teaching than the others in the district because we rely 100% on the spirit, and that we didn't need to focus on Portuguese, and I can testify that letting go of the worry with the language, the Lord has poured His blessings on us. Sister Jarnagin and I are working together so well!!! I'm loving this!!!!

The MTC presidency is getting released next week I think. They spoke at the missionary conference for fast Sunday. So I'll have 4 mission presidents while on the mission! 2 MTC presidents, and 2 Mission presidents. That's kind of exciting. So.... I’m the new Sister Training Leader! SURPRISE!!!! Sisters Post and Overson were released and Brother Adolfson came and got us on Sunday like 2 minutes before the meeting started and told us. We had no clue it was coming. Elder Hardy and Elder Adams were released, and Elder Bullock (Canadian) and Elder Masubele (African) were called! I can't wait to work with them more! With great power comes great responsibility.... Sister Jarna
gin and I understand this principle.

I know the Lord is watching our for Sister Jarnagin and I right now. I feel his arms around me, especially this week. I love the gospel. I know it's true and I love that standard at which I am held. Even though the semester was hard, I'm really glad I went. It's taught me things that I've needed to know like waking up early, studying, preparing, and relying on the Savior. Although this week is a roller coaster, I'm really glad Sister Jarnagin and I have gotten so close, for truly I could not have done it without her. The Savior has helped us in ways that I can't even describe. The language is hard and we get frustrated but I'm meant to be where I am, and the Lord will help me in His time. I've learned this the most this past week. I'm loving it here and it seems like yesterday that I was emailing you. I can't believe that I leave in a month. Time needs to slow down because I'm so excited to bring others unto Christ. Thank you all for the prayers, and the letters. They really do make my day. I love our family!

Sister Madison Hillam

P.S. I think the mission is splitting in July!!!!!!!! PORTO IS COMING BACK!!! It's a rumor, but just check and see if it's true. The temple is starting too!!!! AHHH!!!!!! PORTUGAL!!!!! Which would mean that I could have 5 MTC/Mission presidents.

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