Tuesday, July 12, 2016


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is a big day!!!!! I hope it’s full of lots of slobbery kisses from Porter and Ivy :) You’re the best!!1 :) 
Anyway so lets get going on our week! It seems like a long week but it seems like yesterday that i was emailing! Anyway, last Monday after we emailed we started off to working and you would not believe what happened! We were teaching Ana Sofia the 2nd lesson and we kept getting messages from a member of the ward asking where we were. So finally I answered and they said they were going to come and pick us up. So we asked why and she said 2 sisters were here visiting. We get to the chapel and guess who it was...SISTER BRUNDAGE!!!!!!! I haven’t seen or talked to her since my first transfer!!!!! SUCH A SURPRISE!!!! It was a super great day to end the P-day!
Then on Tuesday we played Just Dance with Bea and Ana. We actually didn’t play, we just watched and supported from the sideline. Man I love Ana and Bea. They are the cutest girls ever! Ana is 11 and Bea is 13, and they are elect! But sadly Ana´s mom had a flip out this week and won’t let her be baptized because Ana´s dad wants her to. So the mom said no. But she wants to and will be when she’s 18...it’s so sad. But now we are just waiting for the dad to leave to talk to the mom. 
Normal day on quarta and quinta but then on sexta, we finally moved houses!! We’d been cleaning all week and organizing all the stuff to move out and finally the move happened! It took from 10 to 7 to move! You would not believe how wonderful it was so finally be out! So the rest of the week we were cleaning up and putting together the new house. I can’t tell you how glad I am to be in the new house, even if it is for just 3 weeks. We got everything new. New kitchen, washing machine, house, everything. 
Sunday we went and got Bea and she pulled us aside and said she needed to be baptized this week so we should be having a baptism this week! She will be leaving to Porto next week so she wouldn’t have been able to be baptized. So we announced her baptism and now we need to rush to put a program together but she’s so excited! Also, PORTUGAL WON THE EURO CUP!!!!! Portugal exploded!!!! So we had pancake night with Ana and Bea with Miguel and his family and we were eating our pancakes and hearing gasps of those that were watching. Then we got home and outside of our house erupted! MY COUNTRY IS THE BEST!!!! Portugal!!!!!! So great! 
Monday we got up early to go to the conference with Elder Kearon. It was only 3 hours.  I love my mission. We have the best president who is just full of love and respect for every single one of us. Seeing the whole mission was great. It was a good way to say goodbye to past companions and to see those that I’ve served with. So great! Then we turned around ate food, and then went to the hospital. For the past few days Sister Hillam´s foot has been huge with water. So we took her to the hospital in Porto because they don’t have a good place in Viseu. So we went and come to find out she’s not allowed to walk for the week and she needs to ice every 2 hours. So that was exciting and we missed our bus back to Viseu so we stayed with Sisters in Porto and had nothing for the night! It was an adventurous day and Sister Hillam celebrated 2 months on the mission!!!! Such a great way to celebrate! 
I love the mission. It’s the best one in the world. I love Sister Hillam and I’m excited for this next week! We will see our 10-member family tonight and have a baptism this Friday. I love the work and the stresses of the mission. I’m taking in every moment and doing my best to live as a missionary while I can. I love you all so much! Keep being examples to others; you never know when they are watching! Love you!

Sister Hillam 

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