Monday, July 18, 2016

2nd to last P-day and Straight on to Home!

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAYS AND HAPPY ANIVERSARIES!!!!!! I’m really happy that everyone is growing up!! Year well done! :)
I don’t have much time today due to a birthday lunch for one of our members but just to recap our adventures this past week!
1. We visited our 10-member family and taught about faith and gave them seeds and right after the lesson they went a planted the seeds in a pot! It was the cutest thing ever! I’m in love with that family! 
2. Sister Hillam´s foot was still pretty swollen so we were careful with it all week until the baptism day! She’s a trooper! 
3. I went on a division with one of the Sisters to teach Paula and I’m pretty sure Paula scared the Sister...she said she was scared to say anything... so great! Paula is one of a kind. :)
4. Quinta-feira we had to do a few errands for the baptism and then get a ride to Bea´s interview, and it only took about 10 minutes, which freaked me out in the beginning! She passed and oh my goodness was she excited!! It made me so happy!
5. BEA WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! She showed up late to her own baptism! haha so great! Her stepfather actually went to the hospital due to kidney stones. So she walked into the church alone. Man did I feel like momma bear after that! She was so happy to be baptized though. We heard her pray about how thankful she was for the church and meeting the Sisters. I love her so much!!
6. Saturday was the first day that we actually left the house to go work and it was so good! We didn’t over due it but we got out and walked and talked to a few people. We both really needed to get out, not that we were mad at each other but more as in there was nothing more we could do in the house. We basically just sat and laughed in the house everyday we were together. Let’s just say the week passed by really fast just because there was never a moment that we weren’t telling stories. 
7. Sunday Bea received the Holy Ghost! She was so happy and turned to us and said, `I now know that I have a father and a family that is going to help me. ` I asked, A father?` She turned to me and said `Yeah, a Heavenly Father and a family here at church.` I just wanted to cry and how simply she said it. 
It was a great week. I can’t tell you how much I would love to stay one more transfer just to be a missionary. Christ is my best friend. One day this week I was feeling a lot of pain in my back that spread to my stomach and it hurt to bend or move. It was super strange so I remember praying for the strength to walk and then I just started to walk because I knew the only way to use my faith was by working. So I started walking and after 30 minutes I could barely feel the pain. He suffered for our pains so that we can be strengthened. How grateful I am for the knowledge of the atonement. I love the mission. Sister Hillam is the best and I couldn’t have been more blessed!! Love you all so much! Have a fantastic week!!!
Sister Hillam   

p.s. Can you keep Sister Costa in your prayers? Her dad passed away this week. Please put her on the temple roll. Thank you so much. 

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