Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I can't tell if I'm Dreaming or if this is real Life!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!!!!!!!! I hope everything goes well for you this birthday week!!! :) Love you lots!!!
Oh goodness gracious another week has gone and another one of the last precious weeks that I have has come! I can’t handle it sometimes!
This week was really good!! So we’ve been teaching Paula to prepare her for her wedding this week and her baptism this week and we made real progress!!! We have to teach in a very simple way so that she understands and this week we were asking her what we had already taught and she responded and remembered everything! Incredible! Manuel was so excited! I love when you can see on the faces of people the change that the gospel can have in their life. I really found peace knowing that you can literally tell. You don’t have to guess, it shows. I see it every time I go to Paula and Manuel´s house. Love them so much! Anyway, we still had a few problems because she doesn’t want to get married without a dress and rings...we’ve kept these financial problems on the down low from the members but because we brought members to teach with us, they discovered and now they want to pay for everything. I love these members so much! They are paying for the dress (only a cheep, Chinese one), and the rings! They want to even do a party after her baptism to celebrate the wedding and baptism!! I just love these people. We were praying so hard to know what to do. They didn’t have money for food and we couldn’t do anything. The members are now taking control and I know they were our answer. So she is progressing really well!
We are planning an activity here in Viseu to watch Meet the Mormons so people have a better idea of us because surprisingly, not many people know who we are here! So we’re planning a movie night at the church. (This was all my idea and now it’s catching fire!!) The members all want to help and the missionary are all helping which really helps!
We’ve been working a lot with the members and this week we went to Monica and Firmino´s house to visit their family. They all live in that area. Sadly we couldn’t see all of the family members but the work is now rolling there!
We also spent a day in another village in our area. Carla served here in Portugal when it was 3 missions! So we went and worked with her in her village and met all of her family there. One day these family members will accept! It was super fun to meet the families of the members! It made the work really easy when the members were giving the people to teach!
So this week we found out that we’re moving houses! Our house that we have now is bad...really bad. Sister Waddell has been in a hotel because of a reaction she had. So they decided to start house searching for us as well! It was last minute too. We got a call that said, `hey, we’re looking for a house for you and need your boundaries. ` The next day `hey we found a house, go check it out.` we went and oh my goodness it’s the cutest thing ever! It’s small but has 2 floors! It’s perfect for missionaries. We really liked it and it’s right by the cathedral. Jordan those catholic churches that you woke up to every morning are my back yard! It’s stellar!!
Tomorrow I have mission counsel and then this week we have zone conference. So this week will fly by. (As if the other don’t too) I wish you could all see the miracles that happen here in the mission. I only can write the general stuff but there is so much more that I want to share. So many miracles happen. You all know, but I wish you could all be here to witness the beauty of it all. I love the mission. We’re working hard and doing all we can to find those that need to hear the message. I’ve written little messages to myself during studies and it comforts me to know that this work is not my work. I love that I can go and do my best and the Lord makes up the rest. I see that with the investigators that when I don’t have the words to speak, the Spirit teaches for me. All I have to do is open my mouth and start and then the Spirit does the rest. Man, I love mission! Love you all lots! Pray for Paula and Manuel, also Sister Costa and her family, they really need it.:) Thank you all so much for all you do! Love you all!

Sister Hillam

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