Sunday, August 23, 2015

We have force in our G's...G Forces!!!

Happy 8 months today Sister Hillam.... YIKES!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!
 Quote on top- Jordan and I on the Everest Ride at Disney World! (Only the last half) and second off…CONGRATS!!!! Now the next question, Kallie and Crystal, will you be having any more babies before I get home?? Might as well :) Just keep them coming!!! I love showing everyone my nieces and nephews!!! Everyone is just so impressed! Well done brothers and sisters!
ha-ha all I can do is laugh about this week and how interesting it was...I don’t even know where to begin...that’s normal though.
We have an investigator that’s in the hospital in Porto who’s been there for 15 days. She had a baptismal date for this past weekend but because she had a fever after surgery she had to stay. We’d been trying to call her and talk to her for 2 weeks and she just disappeared. Literally we didn’t know what was happening to her. But this past week, we got a hold of her and visited her!!!! Such a miracle!!! We got to visit her 2 times and hopefully she’ll be out of the hospital today! Sadly her baptism didn’t happen because we haven’t been able to see her for 2 weeks but she still loves the church!! 
The next day was a slap to our face. We have a mad black Cape Verdian mad at us over a stupid cat. So Ildo has wanted to surprise his fiancée with a cat. His son is supposed to get here so he wanted his life to be like this: a house, wife, son, and a dog. But because of his apartment, he can’t have a dog, but he loves cats. We happened to know of a family that doesn’t want their cats anymore, so we thought, `perfect!! Vamos la!!` That didn’t work. We walked with this cat to his house in the pouring rain and got there and he was literally so ecstatic! Then she walked in. I thought I knew what screaming was but no. she knows how to scream. She was so close to hitting Ildo and she was speaking mad fast Creole. Yeah lets just say we aren’t allowed to see him or her anymore. I was shaking so hard after that but after that we went to a recent converts/ menos activos house and he ended up going to the conference for~the youth!!! That made us sooo happy because we’ve been trying to get him to go back to church for months!!!!! Such a miracle!! 
Also, WE FOUND WALDO!!! Remember Paulo and Beatriz that we had marked for baptism?? Well they disappeared and we had no idea where they went! Literally it was a mystery. We heard they were in Porto and then that they were in Matosinhos but then he lost work and she was staying with her grandma, it was just a mess. We had completely forgotten about him when HE STOPPED US ON THE STREET!!! HE FOUND US!!!! Such a great moment!!! We had no idea what else we could do to find him. He’s back in Matosinhos but still has to work things out with his family so he can’t see us right now, but at least we found him! 
More adventures to come this week. The Lord knows everything. I have been thinking a lot about areas that I can do better on the mission and the thought that keeps coming to my mind (Holy Ghost) is, `Just do the best and be the best that you can. The Lord knows what and who he needs. He will use you for you. ` This doesn’t mean that we stop progressing; if anything it’s the opposite. Be and DO the best that we can. This week I felt that I did my part. I couldn’t physically and mentally give anymore and He used it for His purpose. We don’t understand and we will never but that’s why we need faith. There are days that I want to throw in the towel and call it quits but then there is that one person or that one moment that just makes it so much better. I love the mission and the twist and turns of everyday! It’s just so exciting! Keep being great!!! 
Sister Hillam

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