Friday, August 14, 2015

Surprise! Baptism!

WOW! These 2 weeks flew by!!! I can’t believe it. SO much has happened and I don’t even know where to start!! We had a baptism this week!! Elisabete got baptized!!! She’s been investigating the church for 2 years but because of anxiety and smoking she hasn’t been able to stop. But finally she was baptized!! Such a miracle. She had a calendar to stop smoking but by the last week she hadn’t progressed very far and she was feeling really down. The problem was she just wanted the Lord to take away her habit instead of doing something about it. We did our part in the process and we literally couldn’t do anything more. Her baptism date fell so we decided to mark her for the next week and work harder than ever with her. 4 days before her baptism our ward mission leader wanted to move the day to Friday instead of Saturday and she said yes! She actually wondered why the calendar didn’t work and she finally told us that she would stop smoking in a day and be baptized and she did. We stayed with her all up until her baptism. You could literally see the difference in her countenance when she left the water. She was just shining so bright. All I could think was why am I so blessed to be apart of her conversion and she the difference? She is so amazing. I played the piano and gave a talk at her baptism. Such a memorable day. Faith is power and when things don’t work our the way we want, we need to redouble our faith and do it the LORD`S WAY. Testimony builder this week. So amazing. 
Okay s lots of funny things happened this week. First on P-day we went to the chapel to print some stuff off and while there I packed a small lunch of a sandwich and fruit. I was cutting the fruit and felt this sting on my finger. I looked and I had cut through my finger!! I pulled the knife out and it ~immediately started bleeding. I yelled for Sister Elliott and I thought she was going to pass out. It was pretty deep too...I was getting a little wheezy as well but now it’s almost completely healed! It was on my left hand, ring finger on the inside by my middle finger, on the bottom joint, but in the middle. IT was pretty narly! Going to be such a great scar! But also on the day we went to a medieval fair and took over 100 fotos!!! So fun!
So we started teaching Ildo again. 2 Sunday’s ago we called Ildo and Elizandra answered. She ripped on us and told us it’s not worth it to pass by or to call again. I was so sad! They are the cutest couple and his son was waiting on his papers, but we had to respect their wishes. So we didn’t see him for 4 days and he ended up calling us and saying he missed us!! He told us to come by and we did immediately. I can tell you that family has received so many blessings this week. We stopped by and he said he was going to come to church with his son when he got here. Then 2 days later he calls us and says that his son Marildo (he´s in Cape Verde) went to the consulate there and should get his visa soon! Then 2 days later, we stopped by and he told us that his son is coming tomorrow!!!!!! AND THEN!!!!! Elisandra said that they would visit the church together!!!!!!!!! Such miracles. The timing of the Lord is perfect. 
One day we were called to take care of an older couple and that tested my patience. He wouldn’t leave the kitchen! We were there to cook and feed them and he wouldn’t let us cook anything without him there!  He wouldn’t let us cook!! Then when we were done he ended up not eating it because there wasn’t enough salt. His wife was so funny! She can’t move at all so her face just went really red and she started saying stuff to him from her bedroom. So funny! And then as we were riding the metro back to our house Sister Elliott wanted a picture. The metro was at the end of the line so there weren’t people on the train. But then the doors started to beep so she left and slipped through the door. I GOT STUCK ON THE METRO!!! AND IT STARTED MOVING!!!!!!!! We both started to laugh!!! Luckily it was at the end and it was just switching lines but still...I GOT STUCK ON A METRO. The guy was nice and took me back to the stop. Such a weird day!!  .
So many things happen in a week and I can’t possible tell you everything that happens! The Lord just pours the blessings. I love the mission. It’s REALLY hard but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! We have so much fun everyday, even when our Portuguese is terrible. Got to love the language. I love President Amorim. He called us this week and he really changed my mission. He said that we can’t have doubts and I can’t tell you how many times I doubt a person but I can’t do that! Doubt is the opposite of faith. He said that and I feel my view on faith has changed. LOVE MY MISSION!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!
Sister Hillam

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