Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day

Oh my goodness it was so great to see all of you!!! The kids are growing up so fast!!! I don’t even know how to feel about all of it! I loved hearing all of your voices. Wow I love you all so much! You all looked great and it sounds like life is finally starting to settle down just a little! Yesterday was such a good day! I don’t even know Ivy and Luke. It’s weird to see them because I only have pictures in my picture book that you gave me. It’ll be weird to see them in December! Anyway this past week on P-day we visited a tower in Porto, which was way fun! We had P-day with president and ate fransicinhas and they were so good!!! Basically like 3 types of meat, with bread and an egg smothered in sauce. So Good. I just love Porto and the North!! 

Tuesday we had district meeting and we’ve decided that we’re the Olympians trying to baptize everyone in Matosinhos. It’s really fun to talk about the success that we’re having as a district! It’s also fun to run on the beach everyday and see surfers and what not! But really after the mission, I plan on taking a cruise to Matosinhos!! 
On the 7th I celebrated my half birthday with rain!! The day was literally beautiful. It was perfect temperature and there were no clouds in the sky. But then we went into this family’s house and we looked out the window and it was pouring rain. Awesome! I had my fluffy light coat and we still needed to walk to the other side of our area. One family let us borrow their umbrellas, but still we got soaked! haha I loved it! Sister Andrade didn’t. 
Here in Matosinhos we have a huge party happening for a month! It’s to celebrate the saint that the city is named after. There are roller coasters, tons of food, and lots of shops to buy Portuguese things. We’re going to walk around there for P-day!! I’m pretty excited! 

So on Friday our investigator Elisabete called us and decided that she wanted to fast about cigarettes! She said that on Sunday she would give us her cigarettes and that she was done smoking. She’s been an eternigator for 2 years and we’re hoping to baptize her this week! She’s such a sweet heart!! 

Saturday we got permission to go to the Women’s conference in Amial. It was exactly what I needed. It was beautiful! Before the meeting started I actually ran into a lady named Sister Marino. She was a missionary for grandpa when he was a mission president. Her name was Sister Day. She walked into the building saw my nametag and said, `you aren’t from THE Hillam´s, like President of the mission Hillam are you? ` So cute! We got to talk for a good 10 minutes about things. Wow, she told me an experience that helped me so much and put me into tears. She had an interview with grandpa and she asked him to send her to a mission English speaking because she wasn’t understanding the language (sounds reeeeeeally familiar) and he turned to her and said,`Voce Pode.` (In his thick Brazilian accent) and then she turned to me and said, Sister Hillam, voce pode.` I just cried. I felt grandpa right there saying that to me. This experience is very dear to me. She told some other stories of how great of a president grandpa was and wow. He was amazing! The things he did to turn the missionaries around and the mission. Wow. 

Sunday Elisabete gave us her cigarettes and I think she was so glad to give them to us! This is the first time she’s agreed to do anything to help her stop! I’m excited to get her baptized!! Then we went to lunch at one of the member’s houses and that’s when I got to talk to a Miguel Ricci about Jordan and his cousin. Then I got to talk to you guys which was  so fun!! I loved every minute of it!! You guys rock! Thanks for all of you being on and taking the time to talk so we could wish mom a Happy Mother’s Day! The family is only together for a short period of time when a missionary is on the mission. I was so happy to be able to talk to all of you! Thank you so much!! 
I love this mission so much. What a blessing this is. I love these people so much and I can’t wait to baptize them all! Thank you all so much for your prayers and everything you do for me. I’m so blessed to have 3 older brothers and parents that always pushed me to be better. Love you so much!

Sister Hillam

Mulan...Our quote for the week!
Sem honra! Sem honra para ti! Sem Honra para tua

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