Friday, March 20, 2015

#13 WOW

Wow... what a week it has been!!! It's been a week of high high's and low low's for sure! I literally don't know how to describe this week without telling you about all of it!

Monday we went to help the new couple missionaries here in Olhao and oh my goodness I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! They are so great! Elder and Sister Crossman! Our whole district welcomed them to their new home and we talked for a little bit. As we were leaving our apartment later that night we ran into this guy that was originally marked for baptism!!! We lost him because we had his wrong number an then we found him again. We're going to see if we can't teach him more and baptize him this transfer. His name is Nuno Francisco and what a miracle he is!
Tuesday we had district meeting and I had to give a story of inspiration from our week that we had and of course it wasn't the best but I liked speaking. Then we ate brownies and started a mission fast to bless President and Sister Fluckiger in these next couple of transfers because he decides where everyone is going to be serving. I know were I want to serve and go but wherever the Lord puts me, there are people for me to teach. I can't wait to know!!! ALSO, CONGRATS DALLIN!!!! THAT'S SO COOOOOOL!!!! He will do such a great job!!! I was actually thinking about it this week and it'd be so funny if he ended up being my district leader or zone leader! I LOVE PORTUGAL!!!! PORTUGAL PORTUGAL PORTUGAL!!!!! Anyway we started a fast for that. After the meeting, we went to teach A Delia. She was basically teaching us about the Plan of Salvation. She read the pamphlet and the scriptures. She's golden, except for smoking and drinking, and marriage too. All minor details because she knows it true! During the lesson one of our recent converts prayed and he prayed to bless all the obese people in the world... hahaha so funny!!

Wednesday was Elder Rich's birthday and also the meeting with NATO! It was a blast! I have some pretty good quotes from the meeting "I need to make awkward normal." "It's not how you do it, it's the way you do it that matters." "Be the missionary that makes things happen." Such a great last meeting with Sister Brundage. We have so many great meetings with NATO and he's such a spiritual giant. I just love working with him.
Thursday we went to Loule to help the district president with his bees!!! Dad this reminded me so much of you!!! I got to wear a bee suit and everything!!! It was awesome! I got a jar of honey that I want to send home, but I'm not sure if I should... But anyway, we spent more of the morning and afternoon there with a few of the zone missionaries. It was so fun!

Friday was Sister Brundage's last weekly planning. It was bitter sweet. But more on that later, Friday night was amazing!!!! We were walking to a family's house when we stopped this guy named Roberto. He's Brazilian and he was talking about how he doesn't like the Portuguese because they're not partiers and they're not as fun. We've heard this a lot from Brazilians but anyway, we were talking to him when our recent convert Joao showed up! It was literally perfect timing. Joao started to teach about the church and about the Book of Mormon and he's only been exposed to the church for 5 weeks! I had a BoM in my bag so I pulled it out and handed it to Joao. I asked if he wanted to give it to him and he said yes. He wrote this phrase in the book," We always arrive at the site where they wait for us." Roberto read that and looked at Joao and asked how he knew this Poet and how he knew that it was one of his favorite poets. The Lord puts people in our path and that Lord's way it so perfect. That moment was a miracle and I got to see it first hand. What a privilege I have to see this gospel change these people. 
Saturday was a party!! We got to visit with the members and party it up for Sister Brundage's going away. We had so much food and fun!! And then we went to this other family’s house and had dinner again. It was so awesome!!! Also Roberto came to the church along with another one of our investigators Eduardo! IT WAS AMAZING!! I talked with Roberto for probably 20 minutes by myself. I spoke terrible but I still talked to him!!!
Sunday was Sister Brundage's last day. We met with all the members, both at church, and then again at their houses. She made a scrapbook for the Branch here. They loved it.  I cried because I knew how much she loved them and how much they loved her. I was hurting for them and for her. I just love Sister Brundage so much. I can't believe how fast this transfer has been. It seems like yesterday that I was entering the field. Anyway Sunday night we got the call for transfers. I'M STAYING IN OLHAO!!!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!! So Sister Brundage leaves and I'll stay to take over the area. My new companion is Sister Bryner. She's flying from the Azores and then coming to Faro. Her companion on the Azores was actually trained by Sister Brundage. Sister Weaver and Sister Bryner both know Sister Brundage so it's really exciting to know that she's still in Olhao with me. We packed up Sister Brundage and didn't get to bed till 2:45 and then we woke up around 6 to get ready to go. The Crossman's came and picked us up from our apartment and we drove to Faro where she got on a bus with another Sister that's leaving. It was really hard to say goodbye. She's literally changed my life. I can't wait to get my new companion and get to work! This week was really a great week!! I love this work. Language is rough but I love the people so much. These next few weeks will be rough trying to lead the area and also be trained at the same time. I love you all so much, SOOO MUCH!!!
Sister Hillam

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