Monday, May 9, 2016

The Best Mother's Day a Missionary Can Have!

Querida Família,
It was so good to see all of you!!! It was also very strange to actually see living beings rather than words on a screen and to hear voices rather than a robot in my head! It was so good to talk to you all. I loved every minute of it!! I was so happy to share this day with you all. I meant the absolute world to me. It was probably the best day on the mission. (I’ve probably already said that...but seriously this one tops it!) Mom, I love you so much!!! You look so good! I walked out of the room and both Odilia and Graciete said that I look like you! :) What an honor that I have!! They loved talking to you all and seeing the whole family! Graciete leaned over to me at the baptism and was so excited to talk to you! They have been waiting since the beginning of the transfer to see you all! Mom, Love you so much! Couldn’t have asked for a better mom :) 
So I will start on Sunday and what an incredible day it was! We got up early to get on a bus to go to Porto for our stake conference. Man was it good to see all the members in one room! It filled up so fast and we even had members standing in the back because there weren’t seats! So good to see that! So we get there and sat on the stand because I was in the choir. I held together the alto section pretty much all by myself, but it turned out pretty good!! I looked like an elder in my shirt and black skirt. Awesome! Right before the conference I needed to go to the bathroom so I walked around the corner and almost ran into Elder Kearon! We were both so surprised to see each other and actually said that you all met at conference and that you talked. He asked how much time I had left and then he went silent. It was a very special moment for both of us. Then the conference happened, we sang, “Come Come ye Saints, Bela Sião, and I’ll go where you want me to go.” During the last song Elder Kearon turns around and did a small smile and gave a little nod. I started to tear up because we were singing `I’ll go where you want me to go` It was great! And then he came and talked to me after the conference and just asked to say hi to you all. Graciete and Odilia got to shake his hand which they were head over heals about! So cute!! :) Then we got back on the bus to go to the chapel to get the baptismal stuff ready to go! The baptism went great and we sang, “You raise me up for the last time”!! After Odilia told us that she felt like she was going to float away that she was going to fly to the heavens. She felt so happy and so touched that she started crying during the last song. It was so cute. I just love her so much!! Then we ran to their house and called, then had dinner. It was the best day to be a missionary!!! It was awesome!!
This past week I had an interview with presidente, which went great! It was 45 minutes long. He asked me how I was and my mission and I just started crying. I told him I didn’t want to go home, that I loved the people and it’s been the best mission. He got a little teary too and said that you don’t find very honest missionaries like me. It made me cry because I honestly feel like I give it everything. It was very kind of him to say that about me. I love President Amorim, He is truly inspired.
This week we painted a house for one of the elders recent converts José. He’s living in one of Odilia´s houses in our area, so we painted it, cleaned it up and are only missing a few other things. It was super fun because all the people that were there were recent converts and the missionaries. The forces here are all recent converts! It’s awesome!!
It was a great week! If I do get transferred, it’ll be the best way to end my adventures here in Gaia. I love it here. I love these people, Love the mission, love my presidente, love my comp, and love everything. It seems like I’m living a dream come true. I never thought that this work would make me so happy. Sharing Sunday with you was like bringing one side of the Oreo cookie to the other one. It was such a sweet moment for me to combine the 2 things I love most, my family and this work. Thank you for that call. It really was the best last call. I love you all so much!!

Sister Hillam

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