Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We will Press Forward, Together!!

So today is actually a holiday so I can’t use the computer very much because we have to divide the time between 6 missionaries. The library is closed...Happy Holidays!! haha 
Pretty much we were running all day everyday! As for the mother’s day call, I believe it’ll be after the baptism of Odilia! So it’ll be about 7 ish here and like 12 there!  I will make sure this week! So Odilia is progressing a lot so that’s great! She’s SO EXCITED!!!  They are so excited to talk to you!
We had problems with Rafael this week and he wasn’t baptized but we’re going to work on it! We met a lot of potential people though so that was good!
We had an activity at the church this past week and we made popcorn, pizza, and drank some pop, while watching the Joseph Smith movie! It was super good. I have so much respect for that man. I don’t think I’ve defended a name so much in my life, other than Jesus Christ. I cried a few times just to see what he went through. No good man would do what he did and no bad man would start. He was a prophet of God. ~
We met two women this week Rosa and Carina who are related to the bishop in Gaia 2. So we are helping them get baptized here soon!!! It’ll be awesome to help them enter the water!! :) 
I love you so much!! I don’t have anymore time. I love this work. I’m exhausted everyday and basically only have energy to get myself ready for bed every night. It’s a great feeling. This week will be a good week! We have an activity on Sunday that’ll be super fun and lots of other activities too :) this transfer ends here soon and it seems like it went by so fast!!! Love the work!
Sister Hillam

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