Monday, March 14, 2016

When you're in like Dory and Just Keep Swimming!

What a week!!! So many things happened, and so many blessings. Where to begin...WE´RE GOING TO HAVE A BAPTISM!!!! A lot of our focus this week was on Graciete! We did her invites to her baptism, got her program ready to go, and a special song that we want to sing. It’s going to be one of the best baptisms. I just love her so much!! Her mom still hasn’t accepted baptism but she should here soon! But pretty much everyday we have had daily contact with her. She accepted everything and on Sunday we went over and talked a little bit with her. We heard a little bit of her testimony and I just wanted to cry. She’s amazing. On Sunday we sang in church and as we were talking to them they said they felt something really special when we sang, something different and put them almost to tears. But also at church we learned about the importance of prayer, how, why, the blessings, and how we can receive answers. When we went over to have a short message with them they told us that they were going to have morning, afternoon, and night prayers together. This will help Odilia a lot. Graciete loves church and she even sat by one of investigators at church. I was filled with such immense joy to see the happiness. You can literally see the difference in her life. She told us that she feels the difference in her day when she doesn’t pray and read. She’s so excited to be baptized!!! They want to meet you all when you come and visit, I promised that we would, another reason why to come back :)
About a week ago we met a lady named Fatima and then she disappeared but then we found her again!!! On Saturday night we were walking on the road going to our area and we ran into her again! After our lesson with her, her daughter flipped out on her and said that everything was wrong in the church and gave back the book of Mormon. She was so embarrassed by it that she was avoiding us. On Saturday she started crying and promised to go to church and she did. It was really good for her to be there, and her daughter even said she would come and see! But then she left half way through because a return missionary shared his testimony of the things he learned in Brazil. She’s from the Reino de Deus and she was so sick of Brazilians that she got up and left. So now we have to go find her again, it’s an adventure!
Cristiana is the cutes Brazilian mom every! We are a huge support to her. She calls us 3 times a week and asks us to pass by and help her. She usually has something to drink and a little something to eat and then we teach. I love her loads! And she has the cutest kids ever! She’s going to church on Sunday, which will help her loads!! We’re really excited about that!
I have to tell you of this crazy miracle that happened. We were walking home after a hard days work and we walked past these 2 guys, one yells, `Hey are you the Mormons? ` I immediately turned around and we started talking to them. Celso is a member that was baptized I think 2-3 years ago, and Raphael had been to church but not baptized. We asked him to be baptized and he said he’d like that. SO we hit 2 birds with one stone! We get a less active to go to church, and a baptism! Win-win! We walked away and we both just said, `what just happened? ` It was incredible to see the Lord’s hand this week.
This next week will be crazy. We have a missionary activity on Thursday, we have a relief society’s activity on Saturday that we were asked to sing at, we have Graciete´s baptism on Sunday in which we are singing at as well, and we have a stake activity in Porto that we were asked to sing in the missionary choir. We will also have divisions this week on Wednesday. I’m really excited about what will happen! I love the mission so much. Sister Phipps is incredible!!!! She will be such an amazing missionary! She came pre-trained! I love my companion; Love the mission; love President, and the area. I just love it all so much!!
Love you all too!!

Sister Hillam

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