Thursday, February 11, 2016

FELIZ CARNAVAL!! Oh and Matthew 11:28-30

First off HAPPY VALENTINE`S DAY (6 days early)!!!!!! I have a question for you all, will you be my valentine?? Also, thank you mom and dad for the Valentine’s Day card! It really made my day and my week! I cried a few times!
This week was crazy up and down!! It reminded me a lot about the roller coaster in Orlando Studies that you go straight up and then go straight down (Jordan, Crystal, and I probably rode that one like 3 times) well in the end, it was just like that! Lots of twist and turns that you wouldn’t expect! 
So I’ll tell you the stories of a few people from this week!
We are teaching a lady named Gina that was already taught by the missionaries and only wants the Mormon missionaries to teach her. We went there this week and she was waiting outside her house for us! She has depression and she knows exactly where to build confidence in herself and build her faith. We read Ether 12 with her and she loved it! She then shared with us that she wants us to teach her son as well! We’re really excited about her progress but it’s slow because she still trying to believe in Christ but she’s changing which is important! 
We met with Decio, which is an Angolan family that was already taught before us and not baptized. We went there and had a really good chat to find out his icebergs. Now we know how to help him more. He even ended up asking us for a missionary manual! That was super funny, and that he wants to write stories about our lives, our missions, and us. He’s really interested in who we are and why we do the things we do! It was a really good foundational lesson.
Carlos is incredible!!! We had divisions this week and I brought Sister Smith to our area to work and we taught the word of wisdom which he easily accepted. He was so eager to stop smoking and he’s accepting everything. He has a testimony of the church already! On Sunday he ended up not going to church. We called him that morning and talked to him about the cigarettes and he said he’d only smoked 1 that morning! Then he went on to say that he didn’t have money to buy more but that he would catch the bus to church. We waited for him and he never came but we went to his house and talked to him. He didn’t have the money to buy the bus tickets and he was feeling really sick because he went from smoking 15 to smoking 3 cigarettes! It was awesome! But we read the scriptures and prayed and then he felt better! It was great to see the happiness and difference in his life. 
We had divisions and Sister Smith and I visited Patricia and talked to her for a little and then she unloaded on us! It was awesome! She went on to say how ever since we started teaching her and talking with her, her house and kids have been different. She’s seen the difference that we are in her life. She was saying this without us asking!! She then went on to say she was reading the Book of Mormon before she went to bed and the first thing she saw when she woke up was the book. She really wants to change her life and she feels that it’s changing with us. I just want to jump up and start telling the whole world! We had a really good discussion with her about the gospel and the importance of it all. Again, it’ll be a process but she’s on the road to baptism!!!
We were asked to visit a woman in the relief society that hasn’t been to church in a month and wow was it awesome! We got there and she just started crying and telling us everything. Her father passed away about a month ago and no one knew. The member’s didn’t know and no one was there to help her. She hadn’t been to church because she didn’t feel the love at church. We got there and shared a message with her Matthew 11. 28-30. Come to find out she takes care of 2 women that are in bed always. They are barely alive and she stays with them for 24 hours a day for 5 days. She’s alone and when we read the scripture it made her cry and me. We had a really good connection and she ended up going to church yesterday! At church those same scriptures were shared as well as Finding Faith in Christ. Church was exactly what she needed. 
I had a lot of time to think this past week and read the Book of Mormon. Our district was sick this week so for half a day I had to stay home because I was ready to throw up but during that time I read the rest of 3 Nephi, 4th Nephi, and half of Mormon. I just wanted to read till the end. I had lots of time to think about our personal lives. I love those chapters and I gained a new love for the Book of Mormon. I know it’s true. I know the power that comes from it. It is the greatest missionary! I loved reading and studying it! I read and study it twice a day, when I wake up, during personal studies, and at night, before I go to bed. I love that book so much!! This week is Carnival so we have a few activities at the church that we’re going to do. The work is progressing, it’s not to the speed that we would like it, but it’s going :) I love you all so much!! 
Sister Hillam

P.S. Transfers are going to be on the 28th instead of this next week :)

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