Tuesday, February 24, 2015

# 10 Happy 2 Months

I celebrated my 2-month mark this week!!!

So after P-day last week we wanted to see this family that we’ve been trying to see for 2 weeks. Ana and her 2 kids are never there, but this time we caught her right before she went to work! She’s so ready to hear our message, but she is always so busy. But we were able to share a message with her and then right after that I had the hugest impression that the next people that we met we needed to talk to. We walked past this less active family’s house and sure enough they were there!! Answer to our prayers because we needed to see them for the past 2 weeks! Such a miracle and basically every day since then, we’ve been able to see them.

Tuesday was my 2-month mark!!!  Sister B. made me a cake to celebrate! It was super good!! So pretty much our plans for that whole day fell through until English class that we do with members. But one of these people that we contacted on the street earlier that day came! That was great!! We also ran into this other girl named Denisa that we taught the first lesson to a week ago! Ooo and then we went and saw these references from the Elders and oh my goodness they are so elect!!! We only met the husband, Vitor but he is so elect! He’s from Cape Verde, same with Adelia, and they have 2 boys. Literally, I fell in love with them right when we met them.

Wednesday we had district meeting and I had the great opportunity to bear my testimony. The spirit was so strong. I couldn’t say much but I felt it. Later that day we went and saw Adelia and her boys. They will get baptized soon. They’ve been prepared for us and now we just have to do our part. I can’t wait to ask them to be baptized! Later that night we had a family night with a family that we want to baptize so bad!! Helder and Vera with there 2 kids Bia and Lu. He’s a member and all of his siblings are but not the spouses and the kids. We want to baptize everyone in this family but one family at a time. The spirit was strong and they sent us a text later that night and told us after we left they felt peace in their home. SO PREPARED FOR BAPTISM!! We ran all over the place that night, but it was sooo good!!! We celebrated Sister B´s 17th month on the mission today as well!! She’s literally the best. I wish she could train me for the full 2 transfers. When she leaves, I have to take over the area and I so nervous about it. I get a new companion and take the area...It’s scary!!

Thursday we had our meeting with Nato. Such a great guy and such a fun meeting! Lots of good quotes, `the more organized we are, the more growth we will have. ``Don’t worry. JUST do it, and it’ll be JUST fine.` We went home for lunch and one of our recent converts called and told us his brother Alexandre wants to get baptized!! He’s gone to church so much and was ready with a date and he disappeared there for a little bit. But he’s coming back!! We’re going to hopefully baptize him this weekend! Such a miracle!!!! There are miracles every day and we just need to open our eyes and see them. Also, we taught João and he definitely committed to baptism!!! (He’s already baptized but I’ll get to that in a minute) Literally when I say the work is booming, I’m not kidding. We have to many families that are close and we want to baptize.

Friday we had weekly planning and this is when we saw who we wanted to baptize. We are so excited!!! We’ll have 5 weeks in March to set goals and so that means lots of baptisms this month. That night we went out and most of the appointments fell through, but we wanted to see this woman in particular. Her name is Ana Baptista but she wasn’t there. We were walking to another appointment, a little sad because we haven’t seen her in awhile, when from around the corner we ran into Ana!!! We taught her a short message and on our way. She’s digressed a little bit but she’s still really close.

Saturday: JOÃO got baptized!!!!!!!!!! I played the piano...SUPER STRESSFUL and then Sis. B asked me to give a talk too!!! Talk about stressful!!!! But he’s baptized!!!!! It was so great!!! It brought tears to my eyes to be so privileged to find him, play the piano, and talk at his baptism. First baptism in the mission and we found him 2 weeks earlier!!!! Oh my gosh it was such a great day!!! The Members are just amazing and I love them so much!! They’ve welcomed him so awesome!!!

Sunday: João received the Holy Ghost!! The church is so true. It just makes sense. I love this work so much. We have so much work to do and so little time to do it. I want to share this with everyone, if only I knew the language better. We have a busy week in front of us and I can’t wait to get to work. I don’t have much time left and I didn’t get to everything that happened on Sunday or even about João´s baptism but just know that there are miracles everyday. The Lord blesses us more than we can ever imagine. I see that in the lives of these people. I can’t wait to talk like a Portuguese person!!

Love you all!!
Sister Hillam

P.S. CONGRATS JORDAN AND CRYSTAL!!!!! That’s so awesome!!!!! He’s cute!!!!

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